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Log file: /sybase/NPL/startdb.log – Loading SAP system stops here!

Problem Analysis Problem: SAP System was working perfectly fine till now. You did not do any changes to the SAP system. It just “suddenly stopped working”! Loading stops here: Solution Usually when this problem occurs and you don’t see any further signs of progress, .. one of the most common reasons is expired ASE License. Update...



In order to access running SAP system on virtual machine, go to SAP GUI and create new connection. Hit “Next” .. .. and fill in the following settings and then hit “Finish”. Double click on created system connection ..


SAP GUI Installation Process

Run the installation file. Select SAP GUI 7.40 PL1 checkbox and hit “Next” Installation starts processing.

How to Install FREE SAP System – openSUSE Installation and Setup

So far in the first two parts of “How to Install FREE SAP System” Series, we have prepared and downloaded our machine to start installing our server machine. If you missed first two parts, make sure that you go through both step-by-step articles: https://abapacademy.com/blog/how-to-install-free-sap-system/ https://abapacademy.com/blog/how-to-download-sap-netweaver-as-abap-7-51-sp02-installation-files/ What are we going to do now, while SAP installation files...

Installation of NPL failed, please check logifiles in /tmp/sapinst_instdir for possible root cause.

Installation of NPL failed, please check logifiles in /tmp/sapinst_instdir for possible root cause.

During SAP Netweaver 7.5x installation, you may get to the following error message: “Installation of NPL failed“. The whole error message may look like this: Now, what to do? From our current findings, there is no one straight forward answer. There can be several causes. In this article, I list all the solutions that we came...


Not possible reach the vhcalnplci.dummy.nodomain or vhcalnplci:8000

After login to SAP system, you click on link at user sample menu, for example: User Menu for John Doe ->Plain ABAP-> ABAP Samples. When browser opens, you get error message, saying is not possible reach the vhcalnplci.dummy.nodomain or vhcalnplci:8000. Everything on server is green and running. Solution [sociallocker id=1191]Update ‘hosts’ File on Your Client...

How to Update ASE License on SAP Netweaver AS 7.5x

Updated March 24th 2023! Download the License file here, or directly from SAP.com website here. Updated March 13th 2023! In these days we have received information from SAP about requiring to update ASE license to all of our Fully Pre-Installed SAP systems purchased from ABAP Academy website. That’s why we all need to update licenses...

How to Import Objects to SAP System?

Notice: this article is relevant for SAP system users who are having SAP server installed directly on their Windows OS, and not on Virtual Machine as our Fully Pre-Installed SAP System. When you will have to use this? Whenever you need to add to your SAP system objects or software, which was developed on different system, you...

The name of this host is "PC name" which is more than 13 characters

The name of this host is “PC name” which is more than 13 characters

Error Name: The name of this host is “PC name” which is more than 13 characters [sociallocker id=1121] There are more ways how to change the name on Windows. The simplest one is the following: Press Windows keyboard shortcut “Win+R” Type in “system.cpl” to input box and press “OK” Press “Change” button to change the computer...

The TMS configuration is inconsistent

During STMS setup, you may see the following issue: The TMS configuration is inconsistent. Go to this post to see the step by step solution: Transport Route Configuration in STMS on SAP NW AS ABAP 7.03 64-bit Trial.