Q&A – Coding Challenge – Numbers dividable by 35

Recently we’ve received such email question from our ABAP Academy email subscriber: So here is the answer I recorded for him and source code right below the video: And here is the whole source code of the implemented solution: Do you want your question answered? We are primarily helping people from our email list so make...

[ABAP from scratch] 5 Relevant Shortcuts To SAP/ABAP career

When you want to get somewhere, you can use weird shortcuts (from the joke below) or effective ones (e.g., using planes instead of cars). BUT, … What does it look like when it comes to getting into SAP/ABAP? What is the relevant shortcut?  (not similar to the picture above) Now, I’m bringing you 5 tips (based on our...

How to Run Program in Background

There are multiple ways how you can to run program in background. Here is the most common one. Go to SE38 (Notice: Make sure you are not in SE80! Main Menu is different there) Fill in your program name which you want to run in Background Go to Main Menu: Program -> Execute -> Background

How to Select Data from Database Table when Searching on Non Key Fields

Sometimes you need to search on data from database table, which are not defined as key fields. In such case, selecting would not be optimal and select may take too much time. Example Lets say we want to use following SELECT on non key fields NAME_LAST, NAME_FIRST and NAME_WHOLE: SELECT *       FROM zaa_bd_wpo_vol       INTO table lt_wpo_vol       FOR ALL ENTRIES IN lt_name_search       WHERE ( name_last = lt_name_search-last         AND name_first  = lt_name_search-first )...

How to import table content in SAP

Step-by-step guidance on how to import table content in SAP into a TOC (Transport of copies) Go to transport organizer SE09 Select: transport of copies modifiable Double click on your transport request Inside of your request, you have to find a table object. In order to import table content, your table object must have two types: TABL...

What is the difference between database table and internal table?

What is the difference between database table and internal table?

In today’s Coaching Session we are discussing what is the difference between database table and internal table within SAP. Do you know what is the difference between them? Here are all the questions we are discussing on this call: What’s the difference between internal tables and transparent tables? How can I access transparent tables? What’s the...

Q&A – How to change code imported from different system

If you have imported your own developments from different SAP system, you may have run into issue that you are not able to edit your older programs.  This is the workaround how you can still access your programs in edit mode: Do you want to run your own SAP system locally even today?

How to Change Image in SE80?

Do you want to change your SE80 screen to something like this? Here is a quick guide on how you can do that: More information about changing this SE80 initial screen can be found directly in SAP help: https://help.sap.com/saphelp_tm92/helpdata/en/01/873a965c884dd0b063a4a22e3296cb/content.htm?loaded_from_frameset=true Do you want to run your own SAP system locally even today?

Download-and-Run Your Own Local SAP System Within Minutes After Download

AS ABAP 7.50: ASE License Expiring March 31st

UPDATE April 1st 2020, 10:40 AM UCT+1 Status: SAP Server uploaded to the webserver. All ABAP Academy customers running our ABAP Academy Fully Pre-Installed Local SAP System can upgrade for FREE up till April 5th. You can access it through the ABAP Academy Career Growth Dashboard. If you want to get our preinstalled SAP System,...

ABAP Job in Abroad? Insights from ABAP-er who migrated from India to Canada

I was recently on a call with a guy from India who moved to work in Canada. With his approval, we are able to share a few of his insights on how he was able to make that shift. How can you start moving your career forward? We are able to help you come up with your step-by-step...

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