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Short dumps and steps how to resolve it.

Programming error ASSERTION_FAILED CL_SLIN_CHECKER_SINGLE========CP BC-ABA-LA The Assert Condition was violated.

Problem: When running Extended Syntax Checker, you get the following runtime error: [sociallocker id=1191] Generate manually the following programs: CL_SLIN=======================CP CL_SLIN_CHECKER_I18N==========CP CL_SLIN_CHECKER_SECURITY======CP CL_SLIN_CHECKER_DYNPROS=======CP CL_SLIN_CHECKER_MOD_ENH=======CP Detailed Procedure Go to SE38 Fill in the Program name from the list above Hit ‘Program’ from the menu Hit on ‘Generate’ or press ‘CTRL+F3’ Repeat the same procedure for all...

Dump CX_RSR_X_MESSAGE during 3.x load into InfoCube

Problem During 3.x load into InfoCube (DataSource -> PSA -> InfoCube), loading status stays in the yellow status. Looking into ST22, the following short dump comes up with the exception CX_RSR_X_MESSAGE. Diagnosis The data update was not finished. A short dump has probably been logged in BI. This provides information about the error. System Response “Caller...

Exception condition “INCONSISTENCY” raised.

 I have encountered this error after saving Query using ABAP FM (usually you do this using Query Designer) The case is usually that in database tables are still stored some referencies for elements (RSZELTXREF), that are not present in element table (RSZELTDIR) To find out, where is the problem, run ANALYZE_RSZ_TABLES program through SE80 or SE38....

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