How to Update ASE License on SAP Netweaver AS 7.5x

In these days we have received information from SAP about requiring to update ASE license to all of our Fully Pre-Installed SAP systems.

That’s why we all need to update licenses till March 31st 2021!

I have already prepared a quick step guide video with

  • easy-to-follow resources
  • copy&paste format for you.

In case of any questions, please make sure you ask in our FB support group or directly here in comments of this blog post.

For people who are visual followers of step guides, here is the video format.

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Find out morePovolit video

For those of you who appreciate text based instructions on how to update ASE license, this is going to be something for you ;-)

1. Download the License.rar file

2. Download command line instructions in txt format

3. Extract License.rar file, e.g. using 7-zip

4. We need to access these files inside of our virtual machine. For this you can either:

a) Upload files to any cloud storage and download them inside of VM

b) Copy files to your USB drive and attach your USB to virtual machine

How to update ASE License - How to access USB drive in VM
How to access USB drive in VM

5. Download your upgrade ASE License files into Download folder

How to update ASE License - Copy files from USB to Downloads folder
Copy files from USB to Downloads folder
How to update ASE License - Copy files to Downloads folder
Copy files to Downloads folder

6. Open Terminal

How to update ASE License - Open Terminal
Open Terminal

7. Open up file “Commands-for-ASE-License-Upgrade-2021.txt” and run all the commands mentioned there.

su -l npladm

Pwd: SAPSystem777

cd /sybase/NPL/SYSAM-2_0/licenses/

sudo rm SYBASE_ASE_TestDrive.lic

Pwd: abap777

sudo cp /home/abapacademy/Downloads/License/SYBASE_ASE_TestDrive/SYBASE_ASE_TestDrive.lic /sybase/NPL/SYSAM-2_0/licenses/

sudo mv SYBASE_ASE_TestDrive.lic SYBASE_ASE_TD.lic

8. Close all the windows in VM and restart it

Update ASE License is done.

Happy updating ;-)

  1. Herbert Zink says:

    First of all, thank you so much for this detailed installation guide! I had some problems with installing SAP Server and looked at the info.txt of the license . Its says “Extended expiry: 31-mar-2022”. However this is the only license file I can find online, is there an update?

  2. Mario Samardzic says:

    I tried command:
    su -l npladm
    and got the error:
    su: user npladm does not exist or the user does not contain all the required fields. I tried to instal many times, and other tutorials, and always got the same error.
    VirtualBox 6.1.32 openSUSE Leap 15.3.2

  3. korean92 says:

    if you link for Downloads license.rar file is not working,
    just F12 and CLICK

    anyway thank you i solved

  4. John says:


    works with minor issues
    (npladm does not have rights to change, did it as root)



  5. Adalberto Pereira says:

    The first link is also not working here (404 Not Found)…

  6. Z Ahmed says:


    The link for step 1 (download license.rar file) is not working.
    Is there an alternative link?


    • What exactly happens on your side? WHat does it mean that the link is not working? On our side, and for other users, downloading works fine. Can you please give us more details about your problem?

  7. sap abap training in vijayawada says:

    We have read the entire article and very impressed with your information so Thankyou so much you all for your support. You made a good website it very help us. I am satisfied with your site.
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  8. Pierre Cairampoma Barrós says:

    link is no longer available

    • says:

      Yes, you are right. In the meanwhile SAP has changed the installation process again.
      Most currently you don’t need to update ASE license.
      The most current and updated step-by-step guide to install the newest SAP system on your own local machine is here:
      Hope this will help you move on.

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