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How to debug dynamically called program in background?

There might be a problem when you need to debug such a program, because you never know, when your code will be called.Here is the trick:     DATA: lv_counter TYPE i. *   Call neverending loop in your code    WHILE lv_counter = 0.           “this will stop, when you change lv_counter            “to s/thing else in debugger    ...

How to debug BEx (Query designer)

To be able to debug external application, which uses RFC functions, you have to use external degugging. Sometime, this external breakpoint does not work. If so, firstly start RSRTRACE transaction, and now the breakpoint will work. QD uses class CL_RSZA_QUERY and its methods.Method that loads the query -> LOAD_QUERY (FM that loads the query element...

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