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How to delete BW Query from ABAP code?

BW Query is stored as component(reusable element) in database table RSZCOMPDIR. To delete it, you need to search for query’s component UID (COMPUID) for existing query’s technical name saved in COMPID field. DATA: lv_compuid TYPE sysuuid_25, lv_subrc TYPE sysubrc. CALL FUNCTION ‘RSZ_X_COMPONENT_DELETE’  EXPORTING   i_compuid = lv_compuid          “hashed UID   i_delete_variables = rs_c_false “delete all related variables ...

How to debug BEx (Query designer)

To be able to debug external application, which uses RFC functions, you have to use external degugging. Sometime, this external breakpoint does not work. If so, firstly start RSRTRACE transaction, and now the breakpoint will work. QD uses class CL_RSZA_QUERY and its methods.Method that loads the query -> LOAD_QUERY (FM that loads the query element...

BEx Query designer – Introduction

Helpful presentations for BEx beginners Overview:Unit 1 – Introduction to BW ReportingUnit 2 – First steps in query designerUnit 3 – Restricted and Calculated Key figuresUnit 5 – Query variablesUnit 6 – Query propertiesariablesUnit 7 – Exceptions and conditions To see full screen presentations, click on provided link before each presentation Unit 1 – Introduction...

Exception condition “INCONSISTENCY” raised.

 I have encountered this error after saving Query using ABAP FM (usually you do this using Query Designer) The case is usually that in database tables are still stored some referencies for elements (RSZELTXREF), that are not present in element table (RSZELTDIR) To find out, where is the problem, run ANALYZE_RSZ_TABLES program through SE80 or SE38....

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