How to Change SAP Easy Access Screen Picture?

How to change SAP Easy Access Screen Picture

Step By Step as Follows:

Step 1: Enter transaction code >SMW0.

Step 2: Click on >Binary data for WebRFC applications >Hit Enter.

3) >Hit Execute Button.

4) Go to >Settings >Define MIME Types

[sociallocker id=1191]

5) Click >Create or Hit >F5
Type: image/jpg 
Extension : *.jpg

> Hit SAVE .

6) Go to Binary data for WEBRFC applications or Step 4 Screenshot in document ,

Description: ABAP Academy Logo .

7) Now go to >T-code SM30 , on Table/View parameter field write SSM_CUST and >Hit Maintain.

8) Click on >New Entries and add the entries of RESIZE_IMAGE and START_IMAGE as shown in screenshot below.

9) Hit >Save and Create on New Session and Your Done.


10) New Picture of SAP Easy Access . Congratulations!

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If you stuck in between while doing this. Please comment on post ;)

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  1. Desaes says:

    Good tutorial

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