Dump CX_RSR_X_MESSAGE during 3.x load into InfoCube


During 3.x load into InfoCube (DataSource -> PSA -> InfoCube), loading status stays in the yellow status. Looking into ST22, the following short dump comes up with the exception CX_RSR_X_MESSAGE.

The data update was not finished. A short dump has probably been logged in BI. This provides information about the error.

System Response
“Caller 70” is missing. “

But in RSMO. immediately after we start the load, when we check in the Details TAB, we see that , for the datapackage in the Update TAB, it is showing    “Processing end : Missing messages “

Also at this time itself it is throwing a dump in ST22,  CX_RSR_X_MESSAGE –
Dump Details  are –
Program…………. “SAPLRRMS”
Screen………….. “SAPMSSY1 3004”
Screen Line……… 2

   69       EXPORTING
   70         i_class  = ‘BRAIN’
   71         i_type   = l_type
   72         i_number = ‘299’
   73         i_msgv1  = i_program
   74         i_msgv2  = i_text.
   75   ELSE.
   76     DATA: l_text  TYPE string,
   77           l_repid TYPE syrepid.
   79     l_repid = i_program.
   80     l_text  = i_text.
>>>>>     RAISE EXCEPTION TYPE cx_rsr_x_message


SAP Note:1157796

The characteristic 0REQUEST is used in DataStore objects and characteristic 0REQUID is used in InfoCubes. Both characteristics must share the same master data ID (SID) number range. If this is not the case the following problems may occur:

transfer the InfoObject 0REQUEST from the content again:

Transaction RSOR -> BI Content -> Object Types -> under InfoObjects select 0REQUEST and transfer it to the right (note the following settings: “Only Necessary Objects”; collection mode: “Collect Automatically”).


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