System error in program LRSDG_IOBJ_DB_READ

Thank you Carl Gustafsson for solving this issue for ABAP Academy Community ;)

Problem: Everytime I try to create a DataStore Object (DSO), this I get a Runtime Error.


There some inconstancies within the BW systems that will trigger the dump when activating the DSO. Found some forum posts when I searched for “regular_iobj_get_for_meta” that might indicate that. Im just in the upgrade phase at work and have found some SAP programs that check the status of the BW system. I will see if I can put together a list tomorrow for you. otherwise take a look on TX STC01 and SAP_BW_HOUSEKEEPING ( i think it was) and particularly on the second part of the task list.

I would start with “Checks BW metadata with regard to the DDIC”. You could also run “Repairs indices on InfoCube fact table(s) at the Data Dictionary level” i.e. the first task on the list. But as you said it was a DSO activation that failed I think you might find the problem in the DDIC. I just executed it on my system but found no error. however I barely use it so it should not be any problems as if you activate a lot of business content etc. There are some other programs that I have found but I have them at work. will try to remember to put a list together for you tomorrow.

More information

I attach two links to pages with some info regarding fixing BW-systems.

Try to repair the infoobject with transaction RSD1 its number 6 in the upgrade link.

then I would run

RSDG_DODS_REPAIR Activation of all ODS Objects with Navigation Attributes

i.e in the other link.

and then try to run number 8 in upgrade link Reactivation of all

7.X data sources. Run the program RSDS_DATASOURCE_ACTIVATE_ALL

Let me know if you fix the DSO activation.




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