How to import a transport request with the number which already exists?

We need to import a transport request created in an isolated test system into another isolated teaching system. Usually, this can be done by copying the cofile and datafile of the transport into the transport directory and adding the request to the import queue. But, this transport was created under a number which already exists in our...

How to import transports into ABAP Academy Fully Pre-Installed SAP System NW 7.5x

Go to your virtual machine. Copy your transport files to the virtual machine, e.g. via USB. “R*******.NPL” files into /usr/sap/trans/data “K*******.NPL” files into /usr/sap/trans/cofiles Now, what we need to do is to assign rights for these copied files, so that SAP can access them. For this, open up Terminal, and type the following command: sudo chmod...

Transport Troubleshooting Issues for ABAP Academy Fully Pre-Installed SAP System

Transport control program tp ended with error code 0200

Transport control program tp ended with error code 0200

When does the problem appear? When you are trying to add Transport of Copies (TOC) request into Import Queue. Solution Check write access for two special SAP folders called “cofiles” and “data” in trans folder. More information on how to check it and how to enable access to these folders you will find in this...

Unable to release Transport of Copies in SAP NW 7.5x

Notice: This tutorial is directly for users using ABAP Academy Fully Pre-Installed Local SAP System, but these principles are also applicable for any SAP NW 7.5x System. When you facing a problem with releasing Transport of copy (TOC), you should check in your SAP folder (virtual box folder) two things: 1. Acces to folder „Trans“, which...

Success in Clarifying Requirements with Customers Before Coding

How our graduate Ladji uses our coding concepts on his projects. Thank you for sharing Ladji ;). He mentions the importance of clarifying the project requirements and how he has done that on his own project.

This is how FREE ABAP Editor Online looks like.

FREE ABAP Editor Online

Big News! I am proud to announce that our ABAP Academy Community Member Shervin Soleymanpoor has published the first version of FREE ABAP Editor Online! There have been endless discussions on forums on how to get access to any SAP system for practicing and learning ABAP. Now, for ABAP beginners/explorers it’s again easier to start with...

Real Case Application: Clarifying the Project Requirements

Many people don’t even realize the importance of spending quality time of clarifying project requirements the actual coding. Here is quick feedback on how our graduate Ladji uses our Clarification Concepts on his projects. Thank you for sharing this success with us ;-). Is this your first time in ABAP Academy? We’ll be more than...

What to ask if you don’t understand something or you get lost?

Alright. It happens many times. You are on the long but important meeting, and you get lost in the middle of the discussion. Here is the quick and easy-to-use communication hack I use all the time to save you in this situation. Join our ABAP Academy Community to get more tips like this + other information...

Flash News: Web-Based ABAP Editor SOON!

Our ABAP Academy Community member is already working on a web-based ABAP Editor and will share it with us soon! This is how it looks like: In the background of this ABAP Editor is our Fully Pre-Installed Local SAP System for Practicing ABAP on our ABAP Academy coding projects. See his quick demonstration from our discussion:...

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