Latest Job Interview Insights from Person Doing Job Interviews

Latest Job Interview Insights from Person Doing Job Interviews

Lately, I was having a call with one company representative working as a senior ABAP developer who is also in charge of running job interviews. 

I asked him questions that are important for us since we are helping people to grow their careers as efficiently as possible.

That’s why I’m in charge also of creating strategic connections to companies to be even more efficient in helping people winning their jobs.

Even though he wants to stay anonymous, he allowed us to share the recording with the changed sound of his voice. 

For us, in ABAP Academy we have learned many golden insights that we have already implemented into our FREE Career Building Strategy Plan.

Latest Job Insights in India – Summary

Here are the main insights that I have received from the Company Representative directly to my email:

Recording of our Call

Here is the call you can check and go through it by yourself:

Want to listen to the call while on the walk or traveling in car?

How can you benefit from these findings?

We are able to help you come up with your step-by-step strategy plan starting from your current level to reaching your career goals within 3-Months.

The first step is to find out what you should focus on first to help you get to your goal as fast as possible.

We are able to provide you the step-by-step we can do for FREE on our Career Building Strategy Call.


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