[ABAP from scratch] 5 Relevant Shortcuts To SAP/ABAP career

When you want to get somewhere, you can use weird shortcuts (from the joke below) or effective ones (e.g., using planes instead of cars).

BUT, …

What does it look like when it comes to getting into SAP/ABAP? What is the relevant shortcut? 

(not similar to the picture above)

Now, I’m bringing you 5 tips (based on our long-term research and experiences). 

For those of you with open eyes, using only one of them will save you weeks, if not even months, to get your new ABAP job.

So, enough of talking.

Here is the list of 5 Shortcuts to get you an ABAP developer job when you’re starting from scratch:

  1. Don’t focus on memorizing Focus on understanding (Reference Driven Development)
  2. Don’t learn everything – find what are mostly being used techniques in your dream company
  3. Forget about new trends – if you are starting from scratch, it’s essential to understand ABAP core. Once you have such a skill, getting into new technology is often a question of hours.
  4. Don’t just practice – Get feedback from professionals. More important than practicing is showing your code to a skilled guy (friend, LinkedIn developer, teaching specialist, …) who can easily tell you what is missing in your code (e.g. Missing Logic, Proper Declarations, Readability).
  5. Don’t tell Job Interviewers how good you are – Instead of showing certificates, do something proactively. E.g., Our student Ziga – When the interviewer asked Ziga “What can you do in ABAP?” He answered – “Give me an exam, and I’ll show you.” Ziga impressed them.  

These are 5 points in a nutshell, do you agree with them? Or do you want to add something?

Leave us your opinion or suggestion in the comment section :)


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