What is Data Class?

Data Class defines the space for database table where it should be stored physically on the hard drive of a database server.

The setting for the Data Class is within the definition of Database Table in Techincal Settings.

When you define the data class for the table that you create, the table is assigned to the specific area in database storage. The image below shows how is the table in the Data Class definition and database storage.

Source: https://help.sap.com/doc/saphelp_nw70/7.0.31/en-US/cf/21eac5446011d189700000e8322d00/content.htm

Types and Use of Data Class

APPL0 (Master Data)

This is the type where data is seldom changed. This is called in SAP’s terminology Master Data. E.g. customer data which contains: address, name, telephone number, …

APPL1 (Transaction Data)

Choose Transaction data for Data being frequently changed. E.g. customer’s purchases in retail company, which change frequently, …

APPL2 (Organizational Data)

This is more customizing data defined when the system is implemented in a company. This data is seldom changed. E.g. table with country codes, currency.

USER (Customer Data)

Customer data are provided for the customer. These are for user developments. The tables assigned to these data classes are stored in a tablespace for user developments.


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