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What is the difference between database table and internal table?

What is the difference between database table and internal table?

In today’s Coaching Session we are discussing what is the difference between database table and internal table within SAP. Do you know what is the difference between them? Here are all the questions we are discussing on this call: What’s the difference between internal tables and transparent tables? How can I access transparent tables? What’s the...

How to Create a Database Table?

In this article, we are going to create a table to store records about cars step-by-step from scratch. Here is the information about cars that we are going to use in the table: Car ID Model: a model of a car such as Sedan, Hybrid, Hatchback, etc. Store: to which store the car belongs to Price Currency The...

What is Size Category?

Let’s start with frequently asked questions from newbies about this topic. Q: What is Size Category? The size category is basically our “estimation” on how many records database table which we are creating is going to contain. Of course, nobody knows the exact number. That’s why we want to shoot our best ;). Q: Why...

What is Data Class?

Data Class defines the space for database table where it should be stored physically on the hard drive of a database server. The setting for the Data Class is within the definition of Database Table in Techincal Settings. When you define the data class for the table that you create, the table is assigned to the...

What is Delivery Class?

Delivery Class defines how database table is going to be transported during installation, upgrade, and copies within landscapes, clients and customer systems. Types and use of Delivery Class: A Application table for master data and transaction data. Data is maintain by application. These tables are delivered to customer as empty tables. C Customer table used...

Data Elements vs. Domains

Lets start with explaining what are these two terms needed for. When we are defining database tables within SAP, each and every field needs to contain specific type. Lets say that we create a database table called Store. Along with other fields the store also needs to contain information when it is opened and closed. In...

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