How to get Access key in SAP Trial version?

Notice: This article is applicable to SAP NW 7.3 Trial System.

Once you start to create or edit programs, you will be asked for development Access key. This is needed to be able to start coding in SAP or to create any type of objects. You have to provide the key even the user has all needed authorizations.


Insert Developer Key

Insert Developer Key – Adding Access key to get  development rights

Do you see the following popup window?

Access key popup window #2

If you see the following popup window and you are using SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP Trial System, then you have different problem.

  1. says:

    Got the key via email and everything is fine. :-) I wonder, if it’s possible for an admin to give developer access or it’s up to the user always (assuming the sys doen’t know the pass of the user so he can’t role as if he is the real user)

    • Each user get its own unique developer key. So even though you have all the authorizations allowing you to develop on the system, you still need that key.
      But it’s great that you were able to get to the system.
      Right now you can focus only on coding ;).

  2. says:

    “Go to your installation documentation folder and choose start.htm (e.g. “\NWABAPTRIAL70304_64\start.htm” ).”

    Sorry, I don’t see it anywhere :-(

  3. says:


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