RFC communications error with system/destination

During transport route save, following error may occur: “RFC communications error with system/destination“.

RFC communications error with system/destination

Detailed Error Analysis

 RFC communications error with system/destination TMSADM@NSP.DOMAIN_NSP
Message no. XT101
An RFC error occurred in the TMS communications layer.
Target system: NSP.DOMAIN_NSP(000)
System Response
The function terminates.
Correct the error and execute the command again.

Solution [sociallocker id=1121]

  • Go to transaction SECSTORE
  • Click on “Execute” button or hit “F8”
  • If you see that the following entries is marked with red light, delete them:
  • Go to transaction SE37 and choose “RFC_PING”
  • Execute the function module by pressing “F8”
  • Choose destination “NONE” and press “F8” to execute function module

RFC communications error with system/destination

  • If the system displays an error message, execute the function module once again. Error message should not appear in this state. [/sociallocker]

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