How to Create Function Group

What is Function Group?

Function Group is a collection of Function Modules with similar characteristics. E.g. Function Modules with arithmetical logic can be stored into Function Group containing “Arithmetic” in its name.

Each Function Module we create needs to be added into one Function Group. For that reason, Function Group is created earlier than Function Module.

Step-by-step Creation of Function Group

Let’s start with creation of Function group. From SAP easy access, open transaction SE80.

“Object Navigator”

Object Navigator window will show up. Select Package from drop down list and press ENTER.

This time we create new Function Group under the package ZAS_LIB_HPL.

Right click on ZAS_LIB_HPL > Create > Function Group.

Enter the Function Group name and the Short Text, e.g.:

Function Group : ZAS_LIB_DEMO

Short Text : ABAP Academy Demo Function Group

Then click on the Save button.

Why the name starts with ZAS ?

In SAP, Function Group name starts with Z or Y, and AS are my initials. This naming convention is very important for readability and maintainability.

The following popup window will show up, then … click on “Local Object” button to proceed.

The Function Group is created, together with 2 ABAP pre-built includes, they are:

  • Top include contents global calls and definitions that we need in the function group.
  • XX include is generated by the function library.


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