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DP_FATAL_ERROR => DpMsAttach: local hostname ‘HOSTNAME’ is resolved to loopback address

Problem Servers seems to start without any problems. Dispatcher and Message Server are green. After trying to log in to the system via SAP GUI, Dispatcher suddenly stops. Analysis Open the following file: “/usr/sap/<SID>/</instance/work/dev_disp“ (find more information about this file here). When having this file opened, search for “ERROR” string. Here the error which I have found in...

The most important information for SAP Netweaver troubleshooting

The most important information for SAP Netweaver troubleshooting, are called developer traces. This information may be helpful to you when you are running your SAP Netweaver Trial system and you are having issues, e.g. during startup of SAP server. Where to find out what is going on? Read further: [sociallocker id=1191] The most important pieces of information while...

Partner ‘’ not reached WSAECONNREFUSED: Connection refused

Error name: Partner ‘’ not reached WSAECONNREFUSED: Connection refused What to do when you try to login to the SAP system and it fails with the error message similar to this one? [sociallocker id=”1110″] Explanation of the WSAECONNREFUSED: Connection refused Problem Usually, when people dig deeper about this issue, they get to resources like e.g. this...

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