Shubham Annadate – How has ABAP helped him get married…

Why do we even bother in ABAP Academy about such things not related to ABAP?

It’s because we treat our coaching clients like family.

We don’t start with cold hard ABAP lessons.

Instead, we get to know them.

Understand who they are…

What they want to achieve with ABAP…

And more importantly – WHY?

Shubham wrote his motivation here.

#Why do you want to learn SAP ABAP?

As SAP is used in large scale businesses & learning this will be boost up my carrier growth because I want to earn so much money to give my family luxurious life & to marry my love I need to earn that much money, so I can impress her parents.

– Shubhbam Annadate

And let me tell you, his journey wasn’t easy.

Starting from scratch never is.

But this motivation kept him moving forward.

Also, our T.P.M. Methodology combined with his burning desire to turn his goal into reality allowed him to get real coding skills!

Landing him an associate consultant position at NTT Data Global Delivery Services in Bangalore, India.

He’s now able to support his family financially.

But more than that…

He got an expected surprise from his dad.

Words that bring immense pride to any son.

Something money can’t buy.

As great as that is, it’s not even the best part.

4 months after getting hired…

…. Shubham got married!

We may not be related.

We don’t even live on the same continent.

We speak in our second languages.

Yet I feel immense pride in his success – almost as if he’s my family.

Because in many ways he is as part of our ABAP community.

Such stories are the reason we help people succeed in their lives.

It’s not just about coding but it’s about caring.

Helping them master cold technical skills to reach goals that warm the heart.

We’re invested in our client’s success.

That takes significant time and effort.

But brings significant FULFILLMENT to our coaching lives as well.

– Ladislav


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