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Now I understand the meaning of Help Library Programs – Ladji

Experience your career growth with us as well.

Success in Clarifying Requirements with Customers Before Coding

How our graduate Ladji uses our coding concepts on his projects. Thank you for sharing Ladji ;). He mentions the importance of clarifying the project requirements and how he has done that on his own project.

Real Case Application: Clarifying the Project Requirements

Many people don’t even realize the importance of spending quality time of clarifying project requirements the actual coding. Here is quick feedback on how our graduate Ladji uses our Clarification Concepts on his projects. Thank you for sharing this success with us ;-). Is this your first time in ABAP Academy? We’ll be more than...

Shubham Annadate – How has ABAP helped him get married…

Why do we even bother in ABAP Academy about such things not related to ABAP? It’s because we treat our coaching clients like family. We don’t start with cold hard ABAP lessons. Instead, we get to know them. Understand who they are… What they want to achieve with ABAP… And more importantly – WHY? Shubham wrote...

Bruno Silva – What happens when you follow your passion…

Over the past few days, we’ve been following with one of our successful community members. Today we want to tell you more about Bruno Silva from Lisbon, Portugal, who has recently achieved his goal of getting SAP Certification + Getting his dream job in SAP. We’re proud of you Bruno! Your ABAP Academy Team ;)...

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