Category: SAP NW AS 7.03 Installation

Do you want to start learning ABAP? You definitely need a learning SAP software.
In this category, you will find detailed step by step instructions, on how to install FREE SAP software on your local machine.

What is your OS?

How to find out what your OS is?

If you go through the guide “How to Install Local SAP ABAP Development System on Windows 7“, you need to know, if you fulfill installation prerequisites. One of them is that you need to have right OS. How to find out what your OS is? The easiest way is to find it, what is your...

Insert Developer Key

How to get Access key in SAP Trial version?

Once you start to create or edit programs, you will be asked for development Access key. This is needed to be able to start coding in SAP or to create any type of objects. You have to provide the key even the user has all needed authorizations.

Problem starting SAP server - SAP console while logging into system via SAP GUI

Problem to start SAP server – Running but Dialog Queue standstill

System starts usually with no problems. Message server and Dispatcher are working correctly. At least it seems so. After trying to connect to SAP Trial system, this message occurs: “Running but Dialog Queue standstill” System log shows following errors: SAP Basis System: Connection to user 16    (            ), terminal 15   (admin-PC    ) lost SAP Basis...