[ABAP Spirit] 

11 Rules of ABAP Newbie

Hello my friend,

Last week we paid a lot of attention to ABAP coding.
And that's good.

when it comes to your Final Goal -

  • to get a job
  • or be promoted
  • or be more confident in your daily work,...

... ABAP coding is only a fraction of realization.

Here are 11 rules any ABAP Newbie should follow
(Most of them are not about ABAP. Some of them we had already covered in the emails last week, the other ones we will in the next few weeks.

1. Set up the mindset of a pure-souled boy
- attenuate your experience, simplify the logic

2. Don't just practice
- realize the difference between practice and performance.

"Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live."- Martin Golding.

3. Find your SuperPowers
- detect and utilize skills you already have

4. Don't worry if your code doesn't work (the most commonly is syntax error)
- be sure you understand what the code should do and then check it with a more skilled guy

5. Uncover upfront what you need to know
- there's no need to study everything, concentrate on gaining project-based skills necessary for your future job

6. Don't get overwhelmed
- overlook new trends if you're starting

7. Write your goals
- be as specific as possible

8. Don't get fooled by your brain
- even your brain can lie to you; test your confidence regularly.

9. Fail under control
- you'll be making mistakes, but it's possible to do it wisely.

10. Aim your attention at long-term things
- Readability and Maintainability before Functionality

11. Strategize your way in
- set up a plan with specific goals within a particular time range and evaluate them regularly.


That's it :) Do you agree? Share your thoughts with me.

This week I'm opening scheduling for Free Strategy Calls with me. Since I'm dedicating my Full-time to ABAP Spirit, I have free spots only on Monday, Thursday, and Friday next week.