[ABAP Spirit] 

Do I need certification to get an ABAP job? (Real life example inside)


Did you know that today is World Science Day for peace and development?

One of the purposes of this day is to use science for the benefits of societies.

And did you know that the bottom line of ABAP Academy is "Powered by Science".
Yeah, really, we developed our trainings and programs by scientifically proven methods to get results in the most effective time frame.

Basically, Science is the main reason why I’m here :)

Don’t you believe me? Check the picture of me when I started my PhD studies.

(Back then I was working on one memory project with laboratory rats. And I had fewer kilos and more hair :D).

In today's email, I'm trying to strengthen awareness of the role of science in your LIFE.

Particularly in achieving your GOAL.

And I want to show you that you can have the best tactics in the world, if strategy (science) is missing, you're losing precious time.

Example #1, Before Marnie came to ABAP Academy. She studied ABAP for 9 months, changed different trainings, and still said: "I got nowhere."

You can find the best learning methods (tactic) to get into ABAP, but if you're learning content that is not strategically useful for your future job, then you might be losing your time, or … (fill the blanks by your own)

Example #2, Ziga got into ABAP coding. He knows how to code. But he didn't have any certificate or IT school. Let's be honest; he wasn't young either.

So, getting a job was a tough challenge. It took months even to get an invitation to a job interview.

After a few minutes, the interviewer asked about his ABAP skills. What should he say? That he's good at coding. Yes, he might, but he didn't.  

He said, "Give me a problem. I'll show you what I can do."

Ziga blew their minds. He got the project's specification, did the coding, and got his brand new ABAP developer job position.

What Am I trying to say?

Science is to look at your goals from a higher perspective. Combine tactics and strategies together to achieve your Vision.

Making it...

  • systematic (learn what you need),
  • replicable (build other skills upon current knowledge using by-you-proven methods)
  • predictable (recognize when you're ready),
  • and testable (Be like Ziga - show what you can do) :)