Dr. Strange's Look at your ABAP future

[Wov Hints]

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This email contains Hints for Wov Challenge. 
Since some of you have already finished it, let’s talk about your Future.

Do you remember the Dr. Strange epic movie scene before final battle from Avengers: Infinity War? 

Ok, I admit. 

If I’m a fan of these comic movies, it doesn’t mean that everybody is.

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Short Transcription here: 

Dr.Strange : I went forward in time. To view alternate futures. To see all the possible outcomes of the coming conflict.

Peter Quill : How many did you see?

Dr. Strange : Fourteen million, six hundred and five.

Tony Stark : How many did we win?

Dr. Stephen Strange : One.

And now, let’s switch “coming conflict” with “your coming dream job or promotion” :) 

How many did you win? 

The final number shouldn’t be that bad :D 

In order to succeed, the vast of the job is on you. You can start like Emil. 

On Monday, Emil, who is working as an end SAP user, asked me this: 
(I’m a little bit paraphrasing his question)

What are the skills that I need in order to get a job as an SAP functional consultant? 

Easy question about future that is hard to answer. 

**Where are you Dr. Strange when we need your help? :D** 

So, I went to Ladislav (our expert in ABAP Academy), he immediately asked me - “What is his background?“

The reason why:

This is an alpha and omega for getting a job as a Functional Consultant. 

For those of you who aren’t aware of different positions in SAP, let me tell you a really short distinction (I’m simplifying it a lot :) ).

There are 3 the most common positions

  • ABAP Developer - the guy who can code
  • Functional Consultant - the guy who knows the business field (e.g. finance guy)
  • Techno-Functional Consultant - Tony Stark in the area, knows both

Ok, so why is the background so important? 

You’ve might already guessed it. 

E.g. If you are a graduate of Economics University. Then it makes sense to go to financial module in SAP because you can use your financial skills that you already have. 

So the point is …
... the easiest way for you to get into a functional job is to find the skills that you already know. 

It's not about ABAP. It's more about knowing some other expertise.

But let’s move to the future…

… in the times where you’re already a functional SAP consultant.

What do you see? 

You see the reason why we have so many Functional Consultants in our ABAP Academy Coaching Programs. 

At some point, knowing how to code brings you a big advantage. 

Now, I was talking about SAP consultants and we can then focus more on the Future of wannabe ABAP developers,...

... so let me know  

What you wanna know about your ABAP future?





Wov Challenge - Hints. 

As I promised, I’m bringing you Hints to finish Wov challenge. Don’t forget to share result with me :) 


BONUS VIDEO: Recording of call with our expert Ladislav

Time to watch 6:46

Přehráním videa souhlasíte se zásadami ochrany osobních údajů YouTube.

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