[MAC] Checklist "Unstuck Me"

 - Strategical Way of Planning Coding Steps

You can use the checklist at the bottom of this page for every programming challenge but here we're focusing on the Wov Coding Challenge. 

The only prerequisite for the challenge here:

Let me know how are you doing with the challenge to tom@abapacademy.com :) 

Step Guide (WOV Challenge)

Now, it's time to implement your ABAP project independently all by yourself. You are challenged to solve ABAP issues independently based on your gained knowledge from the previous ABAP course [MAC]. 

Before you start any coding be sure that you followed steps described below.


Be sure you understand what you want to achieve with your algorithm

Create algorithm
in your head or paper

Try to create a "skeleton" algorithm of your program

Start coding
into comments

Write down your "skeleton" algorithm into ABAP comments

Step #1:

Understand Algorithm

  • try to describe aloud with plain words how "Wov Challenge" algorithm works  
  • if needed make some example from small papers and write letters from string (e.g. Enjoy Coding) on them 
    then try to manually “count vowels” speaking aloud what you are doing
    • "I will compare this one letter with this vowel and if they equals, I will increment the counter by one. Practically I will say "I have one vowel"."
    • "Then I will take next letter from string and compare it with the other vowel )."

If you cannot describe Wov algorithm that means that comparing and counting algorithm is not clear in your head yet.

  • try to go step by step in your thinking and be very specific what you do and what should happen next.  

Step #2:

Create algorithm in your head or on paper

Try to "create a skeleton algorithm of your program in your head or on paper”

E.g. :

  • Declare constatns: main string (e.g. Enjoy coding) and ...  
  • Declare data: counter, ... , ... 
  • create Vowels couinting Algorithm
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • Write Original String and Number of Vowels

When you can talk aloud what you will do in your program and which statements you will use IT'S TIME FOR CODING :-).

Step #3:

Start coding into comments

 Write down your skeleton algorithm into ABAP comments from the previous step,

  • once you will have your algorithm written down in comments, start real implementation

  • If you will get stuck here, it means that you have a problem with ABAP syntax

  • try the ABAP help first, try to google it, ask your mentor, …

Time to watch 3:30

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Checklist: Unstuck Me!

(WOV Challenge)

Step #1:

Understand Algorithm

  • Have you described aloud how your "Wov Challenge" algorithm works?
  • If needed: Have you helped yourself with visualization (using paper sticks or whatever in order to see your thinking)
  • Do you have still problem to formulate your ideas? Have you tried to divide every step to the smallest part possible? 

Step #2:

Create algorithm in your head or on paper

  • Have you created a skeleton of your program on paper?
  • If needed: Have you been as specific as possible? 

Step #3:

Start coding into comments

  • Have you written the skeleton algorithm into ABAP comments? 

  • Did you get stuck? If yes, have you tried ABAP help, google solution?

  • If yes, have you seen Hints from Tom?

  • If needed, contact Tom to help you.