The Job Accelerator Coaching Program

The Job Accelerator Coaching Program
is a learn-on-projects, professional coaching program where we help you get an ABAP job effectively, even without previous coding experience. 

In the spirit of our hiking adventure, we could say it’s a program for searching for your ghost cat.

As you know from our previous emails, we investigated the Three Essentials – hard skills, soft skills, self-efficacy. These essentials are the backbone of our scientifically proven teaching methodology that ensures efficient knowledge transfer even for non-IT people so that after graduating, you're going to be prepared for: 

  • job interview
  • onboarding in the new job
  • being valuable team member from the very first projects 

The Three Essentials – hard skills, soft skills, and self-efficacy – effectively bring you specific ABAP skills in an ascending spiral (see picture below). That’s how you continually build the necessary set of skills for becoming a confident ABAP problem solver. 

How is the Job Accelerator Program built, and why will it help you?

First you’ll start with an onboarding discovery call, during which we set up the whole strategy and tailor it to your coding level and time availability.





Then we prepare a custom training plan for you that best leads you to your goal.





You’ll get access to a private online learning platform with the training plan and all the materials.

You can jump in whenever it fits your schedule, building and maintaining your hard skills by going through our project-based materials.


In the Job Accelerator Program, you’ll be assigned a mentor (a senior ABAP developer). They’ll provide proactive and reactive mentoring and also::

  • reinforce Your Accountability
  • speed up your progress
  • help you find the way out once you get stuck 
  • help you come up with your own solution

After each thematic part, you’ll get a specification of the project you’ll be implementing by yourself. Subsequently, during regular code review sessions, your mentor will:

  • share best practices from real-world projects on your own code 
  • enhance your soft skills and boost your self-efficacy
  • ensure that you transform your learned knowledge into real project skills.

Along with the Job Accelerator Program, you’ll get all the needed resources (programming environment, video materials, source code templates…).

Over the last seven years, we’ve given our students tools, trainings, and guidance to become professional ABAP developers. 

And now, if you’re interested,...
… if you have the hope and courage needed to climb the ABAP mountains and start your ABAP career, ABAP Academy offers you everything we talked about above with full 3-months mentor support for €3,500.

However, only in this email series, I have prepared one particular thing for you: 

Trial (1-month mentoring) for 500 Eur.

What’s included? 

It’s normal full access to the Job Accelerator Program with everything discussed above and you get a mentor support for 1-month. 

Plus Bonus 

In Trial, you will get access to the Diagnostics, which we use to assess your coding potential. Only within 3-5 days, you’ll be able to:   

  • go through project-based materials of ABAP fundamentals,  
  • code a specifically designed project all by yourself by applying what you learned 
  • get an analysis of your code 
  • PLUS, get an explanation of 30+ metrics we use to measure your level

Diagnostics itself normally costs 500 Eur. 

Access to Trial means you will see and experience what is inside all by yourself. 


Refund Policy

If you are not totally convinced after Diagnostics, I require you to ask for all your money back. And you keep all the know-how you've gained after checking out the whole program, materials, learning style, and our approach.

Once you want to continue, you just pay the whole price difference (3 000 Eur). If you don’t, you can ask for a full REFUND.  


Can I join later e.g. in 2-months? 

Sure, however, I just want you to be aware that 

  1. Due to the current crazy inflation, we’ll be changing our pricing 
    • But you can reserve your seat. Just enroll now and during the onboarding call we set up a starting date that fits your schedule
  2. For this month and the next, we only have 10 limited slots for a 1-month Trial of the Job Accelerator Program.
    • We want to provide you with the entire experience of the Job Accelerator Program, so our ABAP mentors must be booked in advance. 


Ok, that’s it. 

If I've left anything out, or if you have questions specific to your situation, please reply to this email and let me know. (I read and reply to every email.)

Enrollment for 30-days Trial of the Job Accelerator Program closes in 72 hours (check date in your email inbox).


…the whole metaphor Finding Ghost Cat is leading you to bigger aims. ABAP programming is tool that will help you achieve them and we’re here to help you be proud&confident with this part. 

Now it’s your turn. 



We'll be sending three more emails in the following days.

You'll CONTINUE to receive these emails even if you enroll now, although you can remove yourself from these broadcasts.

The second email will include a gift to thank you for your attention. That gift is a mini-course - the Interview Hacking Process.

Feel free to forward that email to anyone who you think will benefit from it — no strings attached.