About Hope and Finding the “Ghost Cat” 
(Part 2 of 4) - the Job Accelerator Program


From our long years of experience, we know there are The Three Get-Into-ABAP Essentials you need to become a modern ABAP developer. And then getting an ABAP job is a natural by-product.

We covered the Essential #1 - soft skills in yesterday’s email. And today, we’re going to investigate the Essential #2 - hard skills. 

When I talk to people with non-IT backgrounds about building hard coding skills, one question always arises.   

A question that has more than 388,000,000 results on Google. 

And that could be the reason why people are asking it over and over again. Because it’s tough:

    1. to recognize a relevant answer,
    2. to spot whether the answer is misleading you or not
    3. to see whether this is something you need in your current state 

I bet you asked that question, too.


when learning to code in ABAP?

Most ABAP courses (and many other IT programming courses) focus first and foremost on one thing – Broadening your portfolio of hard skills. If only it was that straightforward. (sigh) 

They are right in one thing – hard skills are truly one of the essentials for getting a job. But not ANY hard skills. 

Think about it,
especially when you’re starting from scratch. 

What would change if you knew
what minimum necessary ABAP skills you need for landing an ABAP job? 

It’s speed. 
Instead of years, you will be ready to land a job within months. 

But people wouldn’t ask “where to start” if they knew how to recognize this viable minimum. As I mentioned a few times before, it’s a challenging task, especially for newbies.

That's the bad news. 
And now let’s talk about good news.

You can use one ABAP Academy tactic to handle this issue. 

  • Research companies using ABAP in your area.
  • Once you find them, ask them what you need to know to be a valuable team member from a technical point of view.
  • Find this out and then focus on the ABAP principles that are used the most these days. 

It may sound complicated, but it can be as simple as reaching out to your friend working with ABAP, or contacting people with ABAP jobs directly through LinkedIn. 

Or there is another option.
You can simply try our Job Accelerator Program. We’ve already gathered tens of pro ABAP developers, SAP consultants, and even managers. 

AND we listened carefully to them about what tech they are actually using. From these answers, we strategically designed the whole technical part of the program and regularly update it to always keep it relevant.

We’ll go into more details in the 4th email.

Take another look at the picture above. The hard skills mountain is NOT as high as the others that are yet to be conquered. So, if there is only one takeaway from this email, it’s this: 


“You don’t need to learn everything. You don’t even need to learn a lot of things.
But you need to – confidently – master the necessary set of skills to get hired.
You’ll learn the rest on the go based on the needs of your future employer.” 

To stick to the metaphor of our hiking adventure, hard skills are like a hiking backpack. If it’s too heavy, it’s hard to climb to the top.   

-That’s why you shouldn’t choose the trial-and-error method. 

-That's why I showed you how interviewers think in the first email. 

-That’s why I’ve been talking about strategies and tactics that will turn you into a developer in a few months. 

-That’s why I’m showing you goal-oriented approach in the whole 4-email training. 

-That’s why the Job Accelerator Program was created

ABAP Academy graduates are job-ready within 3 months (time commitment being, on average, 2–3 hours per workday). 

People like a history graduate, a taxi driver, a psychologist, a university student, a father of three small kids, a full-time employee…
…they all MADE IT.

And if you're willing to put your time and effort into it and work smart, not hard, you can make it too. 



In the following email, I’m going to show you the last Get-Into-ABAP Essential – Self-efficacy.

… And I’ll show you real ABAP Academy graduates without previous working experience in ABAP whose salaries have doubled (in some cases tripled) compared to their previous jobs. 

And most importantly, I’ll show you how you can replicate it.

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