The Job Accelerator Coaching Program

The most common question I've received is some variation of:
"How do I know if the Job Accelerator Program is right for me?"

Earlier in previous emails, we talked about one significant insight that makes this program so effective and powerful:

"...you don’t need to learn everything, you don’t even need to learn many things, you need to - confidently - master the necessary set of skills for getting hired."

And on another place, we’re adding:
"We aim to guide you to become a confident ABAP problem solver where -getting-a-job- is a natural byproduct."


  • if you want to reach this stage of mind,
  • if you want to get into practical ABAP,
  • if you want to be ready for job interviews as a confident problem-solving developer,

then …
Yes, it’s for you.

I’ve never coded before, what if I wouldn’t be able to learn ABAP?

In Trial, you’ll get access to Diagnostics, which we use to assess your coding potential. It takes only 3-5 days to go through this tool.

Even if you’ve never coded before, our expert will do a deep-dive analysis of your coding potential and compare your results to guys like you.

Plus, do you remember our refund policy?:

"If you are not totally convinced after Diagnostics, I require you to ask for all your money back. And you keep all the know-how you've gained after checking out the whole program, materials, learning style, and our approach.
After Diagnostics, you can ask for a full REFUND. "

How much time do I need to finish this program?

On average, people who graduated from the job accelerator needed 2-3 hours per workday to become job-ready in 3-months.

If you still doubt you don’t have time, be aware, that we designed this program for people who:

  • have families
  • busy schedule
  • want to learn ABAP even while working full-time.

Why do I need a customized training plan?

Think about what happens when you know precisely how you're building and proving your emergent ABAP expertise. And when everything it’s fitted to your time schedule, current coding state, area where you live and personality.

With that knowledge, :

  • you would learn less (shocker!) to understand more. Why before What. You’d get essential ABAP hard skills to code your first ABAP project from start to end in a few days (Module 1.2).
  • you wouldn’t develop a program you’re not certain your customer wants. The biggest failures come from the prediction "I know what is in the customer’s mind". Communication (one of the soft skills) can save you many sleepless nights. (Module 4).
  • you would enhance your project skills with knowing - functionality is only one of four aspects of professional ABAP code (Module 5). Implementation doesn’t end when you’re done with coding (Module 10).
  • you would establish trust and rapport with job interviewer by an easy and deep mind-shift - It’s not about you; it’s about them (Module: Interview Hacking Process)
  • you would get and raise the salary you’ve asked for with a self-efficacy booster (omnipresent teaching methodology in the Job Accelerator Program)

All of these significant benefits are available to you because we are regularly in communication with companies and we know what companies need.

That's why it's so important to focus on the whole project lifecycle (from specification to delivery to the customer) and gain real-projects experience from the very beginning (and why we don't recommend this program if you’re just broadening your CV).

The Job Accelerator Coaching Program 

If you're interested, here's the info about the Job Accelerator Program:

The Job Accelerator Coaching Program is a learn-on-projects, professional coaching program where we help you get an ABAP job effectively even without previous coding experience. 

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