STEP #2 - Protect Your Progress by the approach of R2D2 - StarWars Hero

ABAP Spirit Series - 3 Steps to the IT world

R2D2 was carrying confidential codes.

One of them was a map that helped other heroes to fill the gap in their map.

And this way they can finish the mission

The Map without gaps to your Goal is hidden in a scientifically-proven method for learning a new skill in adulthood.

Because we’re not children anymore.

I would help myself with the mnemonic device R2D2
(which is talking about our own-developed unique mechanism CSE cycle).

R2D2 - Recognize what are the necessary topics you need to handle in order to reach your goal.

It means you don’t need to learn everything. Learn only what is still used in companies on real projects and won’t change.

And that’s the door opener for you.

Besides that, only this insight will help you choose which ABAP program, course, training will fulfill your goals, …

… you’ll be also building your Working Experiences in "the Learning Phase" and once you enter the interview process you can talk limitlessly about Projects you’ve already DONE (more in the D section).

R2D2 - Remember the things you’ve learned without memorizing them

Yes, you read it correctly!
You can kill memorization.

If you will use Reference Driven Development - which is one of the pillars of the CSE cycle, …

…then you don’t need to remember the exact names of commands or remember exactly how some logic works.

You just need to remember that you learned something like this before.

Using Reference Memory will speed up your progress and what is more important, it will PROTECT your Knowledge no matter how much time will pass.

R2D2 - Dig into Projects from different angles.

Do you know what is the biggest challenge of newbies?

Figuring out how to do a transition of learned knowledge into practice. Understanding how it is used in reality.

That’s why you don’t want to train your gained knowledge on one teaching example. You want to practice newly gained skill on another project that challenge you to apply learned things from a different angle.

This is proof for you whether you understood it.

R2D2 - Develop a balance between Hard and Soft skills

Remember the quote:

"If there were 2 programmer novices at the interview, the one who succeeded would be with better soft skills, not the one who was technically better." - job recruiter in the USA

Nothing more needs to be added.

Just think about it and find the balance between hard and soft skills.


And that’s it… R2D2 Approach :)
I’m open to discussing your situation and help you choose what is the right path for you

Or we can discuss the CSE cycle and how you can apply right away after the call.

Just choose your time slot till it’s free.

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