STEP #3 -Think like Playing Chess

ABAP Spirit Series - 3 Steps to the IT world

Take advice directly from Gary Kasparov - the best Chess Player ever lived:

"Normally, I would calculate three to five moves upfront.

You don't need more....

But I can go much deeper if it is required.

For example, in a position involving forced moves, it's possible to look ahead as many as 12 or 14 moves

- Gary Kasparov - 

Even though it's the most important step, I’ll be short on this.

I know he is talking about Chess but re-read it again.
And Think.

A lot of insights are in this quote.

E.g if your goal is to get an ABAP job, it might look quite far, and ‘let’s be honest’ you might see it impossible.

This is a long run. A marathon runner doesn’t think about the finish line in the first kilometer but he knows it will come.

Thinking ahead means, you are dividing the whole journey into small steps
but you know which big steps are coming along the race and …

…at the finish line.  

Remember, you may lose in the last kilometer.

Getting a new skill like programming (especially ABAP) is the same.


  • If you’re not thinking 2-3 steps ahead, then try it.
  • If you did so, then think about forced moves (a new world of possibilities will open).

You know much more now than you thought.

That’s why I’m asking questions on Strategy Call,
I want to understand where you are and where you’re heading and

I want to help you see what is coming and be prepared to succeed.

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