I do have

an SAP system

Having an SAP system (with development rights) is the only real prerequisite in getting you into ABAP. 

Hidden Suprises for YOU: 

   1. What about updating your SE80 screen and put there something that will motivate you? 

    2. Cheatsheet of Useful Shortcuts in SAP system

    3. Challenge yourself and do coding (Do you remember Coding challenge from first week of ABAP Spirit?) 

    4. Last but not least, Checklist - Unstuck me is usefull tool in any programming problem. It's designed for begginners to build their algorithm thinking.

    5. Build your Project Based Skills and become confident and independent in ABAP tasks. Next week, I'll bring you details of brand new ABAP Academy program designed for busy guys :) Waaait for it 

==> ABAP Spirit Coaching Program.

It's going to be something. 


Thank you for being here :) 
Wish you the best of luck

P.S. If you accidentally clicked here and you want to declare something else, reply to any of my emails and I'll help you.