Rarely Taught Strategy for Getting Coding Skills

ABAP Spirit 

I'm writing these words specifically for people who have been already trying to get into ABAP for some time

and they're still missing something,...

so if it's you, ...
... you will know the following situation:

- You’re learning something new.

- You watch a tutorial video (or read a chapter) about some topic.

- You understand what’s happening there.
- Then the first example comes, you see how it is practically used

- and you get homework to do on your own. It’s very similar to the learning example.
- You do it.

-> You feel good (proud) and move on to the next topic.

(Smooth, right? We continue.)

- After a while, you remember this particular topic when watching another video/chapter, Because it was referencing it.
- BUT you don’t exactly remember.
- You see an example that is using the previous lecture like nothing but it’s ‘let’s say’ not that easy for you
- Homework comes, you’re confused about how to do it.
- You don’t know how to finish it because you never did it from this angle.
- You look for Hints. Until someone shows you the whole solution.
- You retype it.  

-> You feel strange (you know that something is missing) and you move on to the next topic.

And the cycle repeats.
- Except, you don’t finish the homework and move on.

-> You feel uncertain

If you recognize yourself in the situation described above, I would like to say, you're not alone in this.

Let me introduce Marnie who came to us after 9-months of self-studying and still when she got a copy of the test ...

(in her own words)
"I utterly failed!"

Unfortunately, Marnie's hard committed time was not transforming to unbreakable knowledge
and was moving her away from an ABAP job.

Similarly, it could be in your case.

The goal isn't to do something
but get an ABAP job, become proud&confident with the things you're doing, and start earning more.

Listen to this, you will never experience the situation described above.
It's all avoidable.

Simply, using the Cognitive-Self Efficacy (CSE) Cycle
(Scientifically Proven Method to Learn Coding).

It’s very different from the common methods you’re likely familiar with because it boosts your rate of learning code by triggering the human brain to gain coding skills.

And as you’ll see, if you can create a shopping list, then you have the
skills you need for developing a cognitive self-efficacy system.

Using the CSE cycle, Marnie became confident & independent with her ABAP projects within 2-months.

Or listen to the words of Diana - senior SAP Consultant.

Since is better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times, try to go through ABAP StarterKit which will teach you secrets of the CSE cycle that you can use right away anywhere you're.


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