The ONE mistake that keeps frustrated

(even great JAVA coders) with getting into ABAP

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"Am I able to learn it?
Is SAP/ABAP worth it?
Is it REALLY possible to get an ABAP job even if I’m in a non IT area right now?"

These are a few “frequently asked questions” I get very often from people who are sick and tired of their current job,...

... but are skeptical and don’t want to start change without deep research that prevents them from failure.

We are scratching the surface because you’ll never find out all the satisfying answers upfront.

Yes, I can share with you stories of Taxi Driver, History guy, Psychologist and their salaries as ABAP developers (around 2K EUR, it depends on the country, so just google it) and not even mentioning our success rate (over 90 % successful graduates got the ABAP job or were promoted).

But Let’s be honest with ourselves.

You don’t care. You don’t trust me anyway. Because I cannot guarantee success (job, promotion, ...).

And if you trust me then you may think - “Ok, it’s interesting to know but it’s useless anyway.” You’re not looking for others' achievements. You’re looking for your way.  

Believe me or not,
Professional developers in other programming languages who want to get into ABAP are experiencing similar feelings as newbies. And even they are not able to avoid ONE crucial mistake on the road to ABAP.

The frustrating mistake that is so common, people often forget about it. There is nothing new and basically, we can say everybody knows but nobody cares.

A few weeks ago, I framed avoiding this mistake to a RELEVANT SHORTCUT getting you to ABAP.

So what is it?
Don’t Learn Everything.

(Yes, I hear you. “C’mon Tom, is that all?”)
Give me a few more seconds to explain.

ABAP is almost 40 years old. (Compare it with Youtube - 16 years or Google - 23 years)

It means that during the times, you find tons of resources out there. Choices are almost unlimited.

The hardest part is what to choose.

So many people are jumping from one video through an interesting blog to eBook about ABAP. From one technology to another.

Maybe, you’re doing the same, jumping around and excusing yourself that you are making an overview.

Please don’t do that if time is precious for you.

Very old and still valuable advice is
Choose One Thing and Stick With It.

And What I'm adding to this advice is - If you want to take a shortcut,...
… find what are mostly being used techniques in your dream company and build these skills.

This way you can avoid a lot of frustration.

Do you agree?

Let me know more about you, I’m here to listen to your struggles.

- Tom