ABAP Spirit

is coming to the town 

Do you enjoy listening or reading? My own voice recording below or just scroll down to the text.

Hey my friend,

I didn't reach you for a while.

The 29th of September is the last time when I sent you an email:
"The ONE mistake that keeps even great JAVA coders frustrated with getting into ABAP. "

  •  Why didn't you send any new emails, Tom?
  •  Are you burnout?

Burnout syndrome is a serious thing, and everybody should try to avoid it.

No, this is not the case. I'm not running out of motivation and ideas.

Frankly said it's the opposite. I'm excited.

For the last month, we have been preparing a profound change in ABAP Academy.

"ABAP Spirit" is coming to the town.

It's for everyone who wanna get confident in SAP/ABAP coding.
It's for you.

Till now, it was only available for our inside students. Now, we're opening this world for everyone, starting from the Next Monday.

...and that's another reason why I'm writing to you.

Everything is going to happen via email.

From now on, you will get one email per workday (at weekends, we'll relax, and you should too ;) ). Then, after one month, we'll evaluate together whether this setup is comfortable for both sides.

Check the small sample of stuff we're preparing now.

    • ABAP coding challenges
    • Insider's info from Interview Processes
    • Certifications Advice
    • Various Checklists of Pro Coders
    • Q&A - What is the Future of ABAP / of me in ABAP?  Where to Find Internships? What is important?
    • Significant Strategies
    • How to Avoid Mistakes - Learning from others
    • Inspirational talks with Experts not only from the SAP world (but also job recruiters, mental coaches, developers from other programming languages, etc.)

And the big part of it:
we're in it TOGETHER.

Therefore, before we start,
I appreciate your time, and I don't want to flood your inbox with unwanted emails.
So if you feel you are at the wrong place, no hard feelings, unsubscribe.

I can say...

... it's going to be something, and we're going to have fun.
And if we work together on it, it'll bring results to you.

Together, I mean it.

So, What is your topic suggestion (something that will help you specifically) in the following month?

Stay tuned,

The first email of ABAP Spirit will come on Monday -> My first FAIL when I started - MiniLectures Inside :)