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Do You Struggle With Getting Relevant ABAP Skills that Will Make You Outstand on Interview Process?

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions?


  • Do I have the potential to become great coder?
  • How do I get coding skills that make me outstand on interview?
  • Where should I even begin from?
  • Is there a faster way to get relevant programming skills?
  • How can I manage my time to achieve this?
  • Is it worth trying? 

"We will take care of your career in the way as you care of it by yourself."


Founder of ABAP Academy

After graduating from Job Accelerator Coaching Program ...

You'll Know How to Implement Whole Project Life Cycle!


From getting a specification - analyzing all the requirements.


Design your own software/solution.


Code full project in ABAP by yourself.


Test your solution and make it ready for shipping to customer system.

Why Is This Important? 

  • [INTERVIEW PROCESS] - Stand out among others on the interview process!
  • [PROVING YOUR SKILLS] - Easily prove to your interviewees that you've gone through the whole project already!
  • [CONFIDENT DEVELOPER] - Create stable codes so that you won't need to worry that your functionality will unexpectedly crash!
  • [VALUABLE EXPERT] You will become a valuable member of your future development team right away!
  • [FASTER PROMOTION] .. and if you'll continue growing with having strong basis and right approach we show you, you'll be able to get promoted and become senior developer much faster!


Ladislav Rydzyk - Head Instructor in ABAP Academy

About Your Guide

Ladislav Rydzyk is Founder and Head Instructor of ABAP Academy Online Teaching Platform and connecting companies world wide with people growing their career in ABAP like You.

Ladislav is also creator of SAP software running in world wide known company systems like Nike, Nestle, Allianz,... as ABAP Developer in German based company Datavard, ranked by Gartner and awarded by Deloitte Fast 50 Award.

He was also responsible for the development of Software Tools to Measure the Effectiveness of Company SAP Systems - recognized by IT experts in Gartner.

Get Access to Project Based Training

Materials & Know-How From Projects Running Around The World

We Help You Pick and Provide ONLY Relevant Topics That

Get You to the Goal Much Faster!

Your Personal Mentor/Guide/Friend Will Help You

Boost Your Progress

  • Teaches you best practices from real projects.
  • Helps you overcome obstacles fast.
  • Creates friendly & professional environment for you to study.


  • Shows you creative ways to use certain programming concepts.
  • Checks out your progress regularly.
  • Helps you think as independent ABAP developer.

.. and celebrate with you as well ;)

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Great for 2 Types of People:

  • Never coded in any programming language ever.
  • Rarely or never seen SAP and ABAP before.
  • Skilled coder in different programming languages.
  • Ready to change the expertise to ABAP.

How It Works?


We're gonna have short session where we analyze your goals and potential to get job in your area.



Based on your input and our experiences, you will receive exact plan to execute.


We're going to provide you all the project based materials needed for your job & help you execute it.

Great methodology that helped me become independent ABAP developer!
Benamor Bentebba, AlgeriaSAP HR Technical Consultant / ABAP
Even a complete newbie (which I was) can effectively learn ABAP. Training program is very well designed and structured!
Přemysl Ryšavý, Czech republicSAP Technical Consultant
If I had a mentor like Ladislav when I made my first steps in ABAP, my life would be much easier and my coding skills on a much higher level.
Vladimir Velickovic, SerbiaABAP Developer (10+ years of experience)
What is most important for personal growth? Learn from the best. This is exactly what ABAP Academy offers.
Tomáš Zelina, SlovakiaSAP FICO Consultant

From Knowing Nothing About ABAP to Becoming Independent ABAP Developer

Non-Coder → Independent ABAP Developer                                  (ABAP Academy Vocabulary)

Programmer = "Translator".  Translating specification written in human language, e.g. English into ABAP.

Developer = Solution Architect + Programmer. From getting request through thinking process to final implementation.

Independent Developer = Developer + Soft Skills. From getting request from customer, through proactive communication/clarification phase, implementation, presenting the solution, all the way down to delivery to customer.

Effective Knowledge Transfer by Using Our Proprietary T.P.M. Teaching Methodology

"The only reason why we are able to achieve high quality knowledge transfer, is thanks to adopting in our trainings timeless findings of scientist Benjamin S.Bloom from University of Chicago."


Founder of ABAP Academy


You study ONLY necessery amount of theory of most used programming concepts from real projects. 


While learning to code, you create your own programs. At the end of each module you implement final project.


Your mentor leads you through project implementation process + shows you best practices from real life projects.


To ensure that your skills are growing, You move forward to the next level AFTER you've mastered preceding topic. 

Discover how we have helped people like you to start up their ABAP career.


Shubham Dayanand Annadate, India

From knowing nothing about SAP/ABAP to becoming Associate Consultant in India.

Read Whole Success Story


Bruno Silva, Portugal

From Being Lost 3+ Years of Understanding SAP/ABAP Into Getting Clear Direction + ABAP Job Within 2 Months!

Read Whole Success Story

Let Us Help You Build Your Successful Career As Well!