Yes, I’m interested in the challenge.

'Summer ABAP Career Kick-off For Newbies'

Thanks for opting in. 

I'm still working on this special thing. I'll send you more info in the next emails.


Brief synopsis: 

Within one week, you will code your first ABAP project (1), discover your coding potential (2), and get your personalized custom Strategic Plan(3)

After this kick-off, you will know:

  • whether you can do coding
  • whether you can enjoy it
  • what your coding potential is compared to guys like you
  • how long it'll take to get an ABAP job in your situation/ area etc.
  • what technical things you'll need to learn in order to be a valuable team member in your future ABAP company
  • and if you like your performance, you can start getting there with our flagship program (1st month with no extra charge)

I'm taking a risk on myself, so keep in mind....

...Either you end up satisfied with the value you got, or you can ask for a full refund, and I'll add an extra 100 Eur to compensate for your time spent.