The Hero's Journey 

What Makes a Hero?

On the journey, there are a lot of obstacles/roadblocks that you need to overcome. It's an inseparable part of it. 
Some time ago, I ran to one video that influenced me a lot (it was part of one paid program that I've been going through). 

Přehráním videa souhlasíte se zásadami ochrany osobních údajů YouTube.

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It's about Hero's journey in movies or literature, but it can be easily transformed into my life as well. I found myself as the hero on a journey too. Feeling the same, especially in the stage of Crisis. 
I'm trying to be confident but many times I'm doubting myself in almost everything 

in my ABAP Academy job:

  • Is my English understandable? (I'm not a native speaker),
  • Do I have something to say to people? 
  • Am I annoying and boring? 

... and the list can go on and on.)

I just want to say that it's normal and many guys, including me, are experiencing similar feelings. 

Making a big change is a tough challenge. 

So keep it going, my friend :)