No, I don't have

an SAP system

Thank you for being here anyway. 

Ok, I see a few reason why: 


   1. You don't want to invest money into getting one

Just be aware you don't need to. Yes, it's true. It will take some time to install it but this week I'm here to support you. Just let me know about your progress and I'll help you whenever you get stuck. 

   2.  You don't know if ABAP is for you 

Did you try to go through our ABAP coding challenge in the first week? This is happening all in ABAPeditor online platform (it has limited functionalities). The online ABAP editor is the best choice when you just want to get first touches with the SAP system

   3. You don't want to have an SAP system

Then, I'm sorry but we cannot help you with ABAP. Without SAP system, it's not possible to learn it.


Did I forget to mention something? Let me know. :) 


Wish you the best of luck

P.S. If you accidentally clicked here and you want to declare something else, reply to any of my emails and I'll help you.