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the conversation with Laco (our CEO) from which we created this lecture.

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Here are two job offers (from our students) - as a key technical requirement - skills of BADI,
BAPI, Enhancement.

What does it mean?
Should you be afraid of these technicalities?
How long does it take to learn it?

In really quick words, User Exits and BADIs are special technical ways on how to enhance
existing code in SAP.

[aahg… what a sentence? I’m back at boring school now?]

Let me explain this by a more tangible example...

The company is implementing a new SAP system. They got the SAP system with some
pre-defined setup.


Since every company has their own custom business processes, you (as an ABAP
developer) needs to come up with specific functionality for their specific needs.

So for changing the existing functionality of the SAP system, ...

===> … for that purpose, there are BADIs and User Exits, also called enhancements.


[oh, man … it sounds complicated]


Yeah, but it isn’t. And here is the reason why you shouldn’t be scared of it.

Even though it sounds like a huge topic, you can gain this knowledge within a few hours.
It’s more about where to click and how to click.


[oh, there is always BUT :D]

If you are starting with ABAP, it doesn't make sense to start with enhancements.
You can go on the internet even right now and google how to create or how to implement
e.g. BADI and you will find tons of blog posts and videos showing you how to do it.

What you don’t find is

  • How to create your own logic
  • How to think as a developer

It's not even possible to teach you this by a blog post.

And this is an essential part -

You need to use ABAP and be able to create your own logic in order to make BADI
things working.

So that's why

we put a huge focus on the technical things in ABAP Academy.

And you should, too. Focus on making sure that you get confident and independent in

Once you are, you can easily learn BADI, BAPI, Enhancement and even more if you


Didn’t you find a skill/requirement that scares you? No worry, just send me screenshots of
the offer and a short description and in one of the lectures, we gonna get to it.