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a Radical Change in ABAP Academy (1 of 3)

Hey Hey ,

Tom is here from ABAP Academy.

But anyway, Are you still there?

In the next few days, we are starting a new radical change in ABAP Academy.

  • Are you still trying to get into SAP/ABAP coding?
  • Is ABAP coding still relevant for you?

You might've noticed or not that I'm sending emails to you with useful strategy tips,
accessible small lectures, advice about Certification, and a lot of others, for a while (to be more specific from May 2021).

Now, we're gonna play harder. We're gonna go far beyond that. Within three emails you're getting, we are revealing the release date of "ABAP Spirit".

It's for everyone who wanna get confident in SAP/ABAP coding.
It's for you.

Till now, it was only available for our inside students.

Now, we're opening this world for everyone.

...and that's another reason why I'm writing to you.

Everything is going to happen via emails …

… And I'm not sure if you're still using this email.
Are you?

I'm appreciating your time and I don't want to flood your inbox with unwanted emails.

Since I haven't had any message from you for a long while, ...

…Can you please let me know if you want to be part of this new ride in ABAP Academy?

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If you do nothing, I will unsubscribe you after the 3rd email of this 3-part email series.