[ABAP Spirit] Monthly Coaching Program

Are you busy?

"I'm busy"

Raise your hand if you never said that sentence.

Last month, my answer to the question "how are you doing" was FAST and FURIOUS.

I was trying to do my best in ABAP Spirit that we’re building together.

And frankly, I overestimated my skills. As a result, I ran out of my whole working and free time.

That’s not what I intended to do.

My deep goals except doing a meaningful job are:

Play more with my daughter, spend more time with my wife, go out with friends, volunteer somewhere, learn new things, travel to undiscovered places, do my hobby and sport, take care of my health, live a meaningful life.

Gain and give it back to society.

But when it comes to reality, it looks like this:

My daughter wants to play with me. - "I need to finish my job, darling".
My wife asks me to play a board game with her (Carcassone - that we love) - "I had a hard day, I need to relax. Let's watch TV instead."
A friend called me to go out - "Sorry, this week is really hard, maybe next time."

and I could go on and on :-/

Can you relate to some of the things?

We live in a busy world, have busy lives. Yet, sometimes I feel like we rush to retirement.

Finding a work-life balance is not an easy task.

At least for me these days.

So when we are thinking about the ABAP Spirit Coaching Program, …

we think about the way we help you gain such ABAP skills that will help you either

  • get a new ABAP job,
  • or get promoted
  • or become a freelancer,

without getting overwhelmed or sacrificing your family time.

We don’t want to stretch your calendar + make sure we are fully ready to serve you.

  • If you want to move your career forward slowly but surely, …
  • You want to gain real project-based ABAP skills on project implementations...
  • And you can find 8-15 hours per month for next 12-months, …
  • Then we can help you reach your goal in our ABAP Academy Spirit Coaching Program.

It’s the first we announce this Coaching format since till now we were focusing on intensive Coaching Programs, which helped people reach their career goals within 3 months.

But like myself, many of them were already busy enough and not really capable of committing to ABAP that way.

That’s why we are announcing the monthly format of our Coaching Program which is

  • Releasing time pressure from you
  • Making it much more affordable

And you will still be able to achieve the same career goals, …

E.g. as Marek, the History graduate who has gone through the same Coaching Program

Or Zakia who was able to move from purely Functional Consultant to become Techno-functional and upgrade her expertise.

We are opening application process to join this Coaching Program for only 5 people for the price of 100 EUR per month.

If you are interested to join, please...

Hit reply to any of my email and type in
“I'm interested in ABAP Spirit Coaching Program”.

What will happen next?

Our Founder Ladislav will contact you and give you more information on how to proceed further with the application process.

Take care and stay safe
  - Tom

If you like to join, …
Hit reply to this email and type in
And we’ll let you know further steps of our application process

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