Challenging Transition

Learned knowledge to Real ABAP Skills

What are the things that you need to know?

In order to answer that question, let me tell my own experience.

When I came to ABAP Academy. Even myself, I went through some training programs about ABAP.

So that I can better understand the situation of people who went through it, or who will go through it.

Just to be clear - I’ve never coded before.

The FUN started, when I came to the first specification of the project (partially you might've experienced something similar with our "WOV" coding challenge in the first week).

Back to my story,
I understood principles, I made everything clear for me from the theoretical part.

It was explained to me...

  • Which steps I should take
  • How I should think
  • How I should apply my learned knowledge

and nevertheless When I sat in front of my screen, ...



I didn’t know what to write, I thought that I have analytical thinking.

But I didn't know where to start. I wasn’t sure what to do. I felt like I was in the first grade.

I got doubt myself whether I'm able to code something.

Normally people go through that kind of training within 5 days. (This is one type of our AA programs - the shorter one).

5 days normally.

Even though I didn’t have a clue, I was able to finish my project within 2 days
(more than 2-times faster).

The question is "How"?
The One-sentence Answer is - "The Way of finding a solution".

Do you know what Pareto Principle is? Or 80/20 rule?

In nutshell, for example,

if you know that you want to apply for a junior ABAP job position, instead of learning everything about ABAP (100% which is not even possible), you want to focus only on specific things…

If I go back to the example of my first project in ABAP. 80/20 rule was in ABAP Academy’s approach to get me unstuck.

When I got stuck, I had something like STEP GUIDE:
5 minutes to think about what to do.

ONLY 5 minutes

I could look into my notes, then when I didn’t find a solution...

... then I had another 5 minutes for googling solutions and when I wasn’t able to solve it then I could ask one of the ABAP Academy Mentors who was there for me.

But Nobody told me what to do. He asked me questions. And challenged me to think.

The most surprising part:

I was able to come up with my own solution.

Reason why - most of the time, it's a small simple thing that is causing error (syntax error, missing step in your logic, etc.)

The skilled guy next to you is able to see it in seconds and guide you with questions to see things in the same way that he sees them.

That was how I accelerated, how I speeded up.
Finding a solution.


And this week, I'm going to introduce our new ABAP Spirit Coaching Program.

Skilled guy watching out your progress is not missing there.

The program is designed for a busy guys. It's monthly program. It's one project per month. It's guided by ABAP developer who already helped to get job to History guy, Taxi Driver, Lawyer, Psychologist (and many other guys from Non-IT and IT area).

It's full of project-based materials, Q&A sessions, Code-Review Sessions, group and 1on1 Coaching sessions. It's build for you and with you.

It's investment of 100 Eur per Month.

It's for ABAP newbies, SAP consultants, Junior ABAP developers and everybody who wants to build real project skills (surprisingly is not only ABAP - more about it in next emails).

This is what I want to share with you this week.

In next 4 days, I will bring you more and more details about this journey.

We have only 5 available students' spots.

But don't get misled, even if you're not able to join from any reason, every day I uncover one insight (from program that was till now available only for student who paid on average 3 500 EUR).

The insight that is applicable everywhere.

So, what would you say? Are you interested in it?

- Tom

What is the outcome and Who is ABAP Spirit Coaching Program for.

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