ABAP Academy Advanced Training

aka. “Give me your time and I will teach you senior level approach on how to create ABAP software


Ladislav Rydzyk - Head Instructor in ABAP Academy

Clearly, getting professional ABAP development skills, is something you really care about, and it’s a really smart decision you’ve made by spending the time to focus in on trying hard to master them.

Either if you want to get your job as an ABAP developer or you want to master ABAP to enhance your SAP skills to increase your value on the market, then keep reading, because this is something, what you should know.

Based on all the feedback I’ve received from the students before taking ABAP Academy StarterKit Online Training, the #1 bottleneck while learning programming online is applying learned programming principles into real life projects.

Let me explain, what I have learned from you about this issue, you are facing.

Most often, students went through a training where they learned syntax + programming principles. Even though they were watching an instructor implementing demo examples, many times the result was the following:

When they started to implement their own project, they suddenly started to struggle! They did not know,

  • how to apply the knowledge in specific situations
  • to be creative and come up with their own solutions
  • to solve issues by themselves

I will tell you what\'s the outcome of that survey just in a moment. Before I do that, I will start with one important story: 

How I learned ABAP and WHY you should know about that?

This reminds me my own story, when I was coding my first paid software ever, back in age of my college studies.

It was already more 10 years ago, in my dormitory room. The sun was shining and summer was already coming. I was wearing my old college T-shirt and I was sitting on the chair in front of my CRT monitor and PC running old good Windows XP, with installed SAP GUI, which was connected to a company network, where I was programming the software.

\"Working(on that picture I’m coding something else, but, this is basically how it looked like ;)) ->

I remember it like it was today. I was sitting there and I was totally lost and depressed, because I was not able to move forward, even though I knew all the syntax and principles from the training, I took few weeks ago. I did not know what I was going to do. Anything I tried, didn’t work, even Google was not helping. I knew I had to do something, but didn’t know exactly what. And that\'s how I literally wasted days of my time.

Then I decided to call the guy from company, where I was taking ABAP classes and scheduled one-on-one meeting with him. I started to ask questions and did not let him go, until I really understood. That was totally something new for me, because I was not thought for many years at school to ask questions and clarify the knowledge (well, it may sound silly for you, but it was like that).

Long story short, I suddenly uncovered the magic of asking the right questions, the right people and was ready to learn to not be afraid of asking and learning to ask good questions. This is a great skill of becoming a great developer, which is maybe not obvious, but it will surely skyrocket your gaining skills journey!

And today, when I work on any project, I make sure that I always have some expert on reach. And this is my procedure: when I get stuck, I take max. 15 minutes trying the most relevant solutions by myself, if it does not work I take another 15 minutes by googling for the solution. And when I don’t get the solution in half an hour, I ask somebody who has got great skills and can lead me to right direction in few minutes.

All in all, being a senior developer does not make you only from mastering ABAP syntax, creating own algorithms, or even creating software architecture all by yourself, but you should work on your personality as well and master your soft skills such as communication is.

How Conventional Way of Learning of ABAP Works?

What people usually do when they want to learn ABAP programming on their own, is that they either

  1. take their time and patiently search for information and learn by themselves
  2. they invest some money to learn it much faster

Here are the options that you have as well:

  • read BOOKS, BLOG ARTICLES, ..: depending on what source of information you get, but in general, it is the longest way how to learn ABAP.
  • watch practical YouTube VIDEOS: it is much better, because you see actual programming on the fly, but still, you will spend too much time watching such videos and you can end up being messed up, just because, many times YT channels do not have their instructional videos structured in the way, to lead new ABAP programmers from the beginning to some reasonable end
  • take regular ONLINE TRAINING: this is even better, because you get
    • structured video tutorials (+ many times with additional learning materials)
    • most often you get access to some forum where you can ask questions
    • you see examples of how instructor implements project right in front of your eyes

But you know what? For most people, none of that works really well! Even online trainings! How do I know that?

How newbies gain skills? (and how I was helping them)

One of the big parts of my daily work was to mentor new people coming to company or to specific projects and instructing them to become a valuable part of our development team in as short time as possible. They had to go through our internal “onboarding online training” with practical examples.

Guess what happened, when they had to implement their very first project. Many of them struggled. They did not know how to apply some learned concepts into their project.

I’m not saying that online trainings are not good. No, not at all. It is actually really good way of teaching basic programming knowledge on your own. But we knew, we couldn’t rely on that training. So after the onboarding training, they got first real implementation project. And whenever they got stuck, I was there to help them. Explaining what they have learned, why and how to apply this knowledge to their project.

Why is that? All of them had the same source of information, all of them took their time and they learned it in their own speed.

Well the answer is quite simple: This is general process of learning new things. And programming in ABAP is not the exception.


And this is the reason why I have decided to offer you high class quality one-on-one mentoring approach in StarterKit training for free and I spent hours of consulting your issues, so that you could see the difference in conventional learning approach compared to mentoring approach. Personally, I believe that that this is the most efficient way of learning anything.

And it’s not just my opinion! Research done by educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom, published by American Educational Research Association, proved that the most efficient teaching method is using one-on-one approach, rather than conventional instructional methods (for more information read the whole study here).


Introducing ABAP Academy Advanced Training

ABAP Academy is the first professional online ABAP training platform, designed from actual implementation know-how, which opens you well paid job opportunities in low competition area, by providing practical learning materials based on real life projects and personal mentoring from ABAP expert.

This course covers four main topics:

  • 1
    Introduction to SAP Ecosystem
    In this module you will learn about what SAP is, why it is on the market and how it is performing. You will learn about SAP architecture, SAP terminology and all needed things that will bring you into the topic, so that you will understand all the things you need to know as an ABAP developer.
  • 2
    Database Maintenance
    The heart of SAP is its central database, where everything is stored. And when I say everything, I mean everything. Seriously, even your source codes are stored in that central database. In this module you will learn:

       - how to create and maintain database tables
       - how to create and maintain all the objects that are part of them
       - maintain data in database
  • 3
    Advanced ABAP Programming Techniques
    In this module, you will learn about new programming approaches and possibilities of what you can do in ABAP. After this module you will be able to:

       - understand and use dynamic programming in your software
       - optimize your code for performance and readability
       - create user friendly software
       - allow customer to change the behaviour of your program by providing them interface to set their own expected values
       - easily find the problems in your code and solve them
  • 4
    Delivery to Customer
    Implementation does not end when you are done with programming. You need to properly test your created software and then properly package source codes and all the objects and deliver it them to your customer (in this case it’s going to be ABAP Academy ;)).
  • Project Implementations
    Throughout the training you will implement several milestone projects:

       1. syntax, performance and readability optimization of your final project from StarterKit training
       2. book store database setup project
       3. NSA blacklist project (this is the project based on my first paid software ever)
ABAP Academy Advanced Training Content
ABAP Academy Advanced Training Content Detailed Content - for better readability, you can download or view image here.

All in all, after the training you will be able to implement your first ABAP project from getting specification, through implementation process, optimization of your code, to shipping your SAP software to customer.

And the best part, you will be able to do it all by yourself!

10 Bonuses You’ll Get in this Course

That’s not all. You will also get the following bonus items as well:

  • Access to community of advanced students
  • Q&A sessions included with ABAP expert
  • One on one code review sessions after implementation of several projects
  • Downloadable and printable materials with Programming Guidelines that will help you to code efficiently on every project:
  • Downloadable and printable materials with Naming conventions
  • Materials ready to copy and paste with Performance Optimization Tips and Tricks
  • Materials ready to copy and paste Readability Optimization Tips and Tricks
  • Downloadable and printable checklist containing steps for successful project implementation
  • Downloadable and printable list of all transactions needed for ABAP developer
  • Downloadable and printable cheat sheet with all the basic ABAP statements, every ABAP programmer should know

How much does it cost?

The entire ABAP Academy Advanced Training – all the materials, program outlines, project specifications, materials based on real life projects – are broken into four modules, to make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed and can easily and methodically grow your programming skills.

Full price of this training is 999€, BUT anyone who will purchase it right now, gets it for special pre order price limited for 20 students.

199 €
Not Available in Pre-Order!
Full ABAP Academy Advanced Video Training
All Downloadable and Printable Bonus Materials
Not Available in Pre-Order!
499 €
Not Available in Pre-Order!
Full ABAP Academy Advanced Video Training
All Downloadable and Printable Bonus Materials
Access to Private ABAP Academy Advanced Students
Access to Recordings from Live Q&A Sessions
Not Available in Pre-Order!
7899 €
Not Available in Pre-Order!
Full ABAP Academy Advanced Video Training
All Downloadable and Printable Bonus Materials
Access to Private ABAP Academy Advanced Students
Access to Live Q&A Sessions
Acess to Private ABAP Academy Mastermind Group
Personal Code Review Sessions for Direct Feedback on ANY Implemented Project
Flexible one-on-one Mentoring Support Available
Active preparation for ABAP job interview
Job Offers After Successful Graduation from the Training (max.3 job offers) - Pilot Version of the Service (Depends on your geographical location)
One month support during onboarding phase at your first job
Depending on you geographical location!

1 time Payment of 399 €

(That’s 13.3 € per day in one month)


3 monthly Payments of 149 €

(That’s 4.97 € per day in one month)

Note: ABAP Academy Advanced Training is currently being pre-sold for a reduced price and will be released in March 2017.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

Remember, because the course is backed by a 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee, you can get yourself a copy of the course... and go through all the material entirely RISK-FREE...

In other words, don\'t decide if the course is right for you today... Instead, get yourself a copy... go through all the materials, and if you decide you like what you see... then keep it.

If it\'s not what you expected or doesn\'t work for you, then just send it back for a full refund without any questions.

(No hassles or headaches... and we\'ll still remain friends, I promise :-)

Note: Money back guarantee counts from the day, when you will receive access to learning materials. So in your case, when the training will start on March 2017, you can ask for the refund all from the time of you paid your money, until April 2017.

When this special offer ends?

There are only 20 seats available for pre-order price. Whenever all the seats will be taken, special offer will be taken off and the training will be available for the full price.

Now it’s your turn. Just give me your time and I will teach you senior level approach on how to create ABAP software.

Does ABAP Academy Teaching Methodology work for anybody?

Let’s face it. There is never “one size fits all” solution for anything. And are different reasons why even this training would not be suitable for you as well.

Just one example, which I hear the most. Not sure why, but many people still believe that they can master some topic only from watching training videos, even expensive ones. Sounds silly, yes? Unfortunately it’s so true. Let me tell you this.

NOBODY has ever become an expert in anything just from reading books or watching videos. Believe me, such experts were trying hard many times and for a long time.

So if somebody is looking for a magic formula that will provide experience with no effort, then this is not right training to take.

And here is what I like to hear and what motivates me. It’s when I get emails like this, from people who really tried hard, and they can see the ”fruit” of their work:

„It was a great opportunity to learn ABAP this way. This form of studying is innovative and definitely not boring like reading books. I felt motivated while going through lectures and I really enjoyed specific steps, how you reach my goals“
„I learned fundamentals of ABAP programming fast, because the way of learning in ABAP Academy is unique. I have learned best ABAP naming conventions and ways to solve problems similar to real projects. In one word - this course is best way to begin your career as ABAPer. I highly recommend it.“
“During this training I found what I wanted in program ABAP, the academic methodology, all Videos were with a good quality, language very understandable and the explication also were easy to understand and to practise with tips.
I liked the organization of Laco during programming.
I thank him very much about this initiative, which it opened my appetite for more to high level in ABAP programing with academic methodology.”
Benamor BentebbaSAP HR Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do junior ABAP developers earn?

Well, it really depends on your geographical location. However the rule is the following. You will obviously earn much more in the US and EU, than anywhere else. This is the reason why countries like US, Germany, Switzerland and other strong economic countries move their development centres to different locations with lower income rate.

That’s something we can’t do anything about it. This is how economics works.

But here are some tips on how to come up with at least some approximate number of what your value will be on the market in your country:

Do I get certificate after the training, which I can put into my CV?

Personally, I don’t believe in certificates, I believe in skills. Despite of this, I understand the reason why they exist.

So the answer is “Yes, you will receive the certificate after the training”, BUT you will receive it only when you will be able to implement project all by yourself, because then I see that you really mastered the topic.

If I successfully finish the training, will you be able to find a job for me?

This is my future plan to be able to help you this way as well, because when I will see that you successfully finished the training and all the implementations, I will be not ashamed to contact you with your possible future employer. However I can’t promise anything to you right now.

Currently ABAP Academy can connect you to companies looking for junior ABAP developers in the following countries:
- Germany
- Switzerland
- Slovakia
- Czech Republic

Depending on market demand and your skills, ABAP Academy will be able to offer you job offer.

Can I afford this right now?

At the end of the day that's a question you have to answer.

However, I can tell you that the strategies in this course will make from you valuable person on the market. Regardless of your geographical location, you will be able to ask for more money on hiring interview, than total beginner in this area, because you will already have experiences from implementing real projects already. And you will be able to prove it very easily.

All in all, investing in yourself is the best investment, which you can make, because it will bring you many times higher return of investment in the future and nobody will be able to take it back from you!

The pricing model is specifically designed to enable graduates of ABAP Academy StarterKit Online Training to get started without breaking the bank ;).

There is even another possibility. Instead of one flat fee for the entire course, you can choose monthly payments as well. This makes it more affordable.

If you are just starting out and funds are tight, this package should help you. If you are out of US and EU market, and you see that this pricing model does not fit your geographical location potential, let me know at support@abapacademy.com.

Will this course continue to be updated? And will I get free access to future versions?

Yes! This will be the flagship ABAP Academy product and it will be updated on a regular basis. Once you are enrolled, all future versions are free at no cost.

I am really busy. I have full time job and family. Am I really going to make it and not get overwhelmed?

The course itself is being designed for people exactly like you are. It is created for people, who already master in some technical area and want to move to ABAP programming topic.

Most often, such people have problem to do things, which they would really love to do. Just because they think, that once they master some area and earn well money from there, they would lose, if they move to different topic.

The truth is, that you lose, if you don’t move forward, because your life is not only about earning money, but also about enjoying. And if you see that you would enjoy your life somewhere else, then I definitely encourage you to do so!

But at the end, you will have to make strong decision to take your time and start learning. And for that, I will do my best to ramp up your professional skills as soon as possible to lead you to that direction.

How much time will this take?

Great question!

The course itself is being designed for people having to go through in about 1-2 hours per day.

As far as implementation, that depends on your experience level, skill set and how quick you learn.

How often SHOULD I work on it?

See above. The more you work the faster you go.

If you're looking for a lazy way to get professional skills, this isn't the course for you.

But if you're willing to work HARD and follow a proven plan. This will work.

If you give me your time, I will teach you senior level approach on how to create ABAP software