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You want to learn ABAP. You may be total newbie or ABAP-er with few years of coding experiences. But now what? ABAP Academy Roadmap is our analysis tool that helps grow your ABAP development skills in step-by-step way, taking you right from your current level where you are

+ Over time, we\'ll be able to learn even more about you and deliver much tailored content, relevant just for you.

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Analysis of your current stage and possibilities that you can take in order to start moving forward.

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Which specific next step you need to take each time in order to move yourself forward continuously.

Tailored Content

Over time, we'll be able to learn even more about you and deliver much tailored content, relevant just for you.

Who is ABAP Academy Roadmap For?


Want to get into ABAP without preceding skills? Never heard of ABAP before?


SAP functional guy who already work in SAP and want to upskill to ABAP?


Want to move your current programming skills forward? 

How to Start Up Your Learning Journey?

.. with action items.

In today\'s digital world when we are flooded with tons of information, I see that it is not enough to offer just general training. ABAP Academy focuses on individual approach for each person. And based on my mentoring experiences, I have seen that there is no \'one-size-fits-all\' solution to everybody. 

That\'s why ABAP Academy has developed own analysis system, which helps us suggest to our students, which learning path to take, right from their current level and to move their development skills forward much faster. 


What other students say about ABAP Academy?

It was a great opportunity to learn ABAP this way. This form of studying is innovative and definitely not boring like reading books. I felt motivated while going through lectures and I really enjoyed specific steps, how you reach my goals.
Graduate of FREE ABAP Academy StarterKit Online Training
Gábor VassStudent of Slovak Technical University
ABAP Academy is a great way to start with ABAP without any previous ABAP knowledge and/or skills. After enrolling in the course, I jumped into (for me) absolutely new programming environment, watched video materials, wrote down notes and tried my own short basic programs. My motivation to take this course was to learn something new and widen my chances of starting a fresh new career and ABAP Academy fulfilled my expectations.
Miloš ĎurovičABAP Developer (ABAP Academy Graduate in 2018)
If I had a mentor like Ladislav when I made my first steps in ABAP, my life would be much easier and I would be a much better coder and I would develop my coding skills on a much higher level. I spent so much time on solving "easy things"​, because I had nobody to help me out.
Vladimir VelickovicSAP Consultant at Atos IT Solutions and Services A/S

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