What do you find in ABAP Academy?

Gain Practical Skills

You will code your own library of demo codes. At the end of each training you will implement final project all by yourself.

Feedback from ABAP Expert

Each of our students is advised to apply for direct code review session, which is lead by ABAP expert. You receive direct feedback on your work done, along with all tips and tricks on how to make it even better.

Solve ABAP Issues

You will learn how to solve ABAP issues during implementation, when you get stuck.

Fast Training

You will go through practical video content, based on real life scenarios, where you will learn ABAP programming on creating your own code library.

Best Practices

You will get access to best practices from real life projects. You will learn good programming habits right from the beginning.

Learning Materials

Video tutorials explaining programming techniques in ABAP. Step by step explanations of what needs to be done to achieve programming goals.

Private Community

Access to private community of students in your level, where you can talk to each other and share your knowledge.

SAP System Access

You get instructions on how to either install your own local SAP system or instructions on how to get remote access to SAP learning system.

Additional Materials

Along with programming video tutorials, you will get access to documents and code templates, which will make your life during programming, much easier.

What other students say about ABAP Academy?

It was a great opportunity to learn ABAP this way. This form of studying is innovative and definitely not boring like reading books. I felt motivated while going through lectures and I really enjoyed specific steps, how you reach my goals.
Graduate of FREE ABAP Academy StarterKit Online Training
Gábor VassStudent of Slovak Technical University
ABAP Academy is a great way to start with ABAP without any previous ABAP knowledge and/or skills. After enrolling in the course, I jumped into (for me) absolutely new programming environment, watched video materials, wrote down notes and tried my own short basic programs. When I got stuck or needed any tips, I asked Laco, the ABAP guru, questions and he was always very helpful what I found very encouraging. My motivation to take this course was to learn something new and widen my chances of starting a fresh new career and this course fulfilled my expectations. I am also very excited about upcoming advanced course.
Miloš ĎurovičABAP Developer (ABAP Academy Graduate in 2018)
If I had a mentor like Ladislav when I made my first steps in ABAP, my life would be much easier and I would be a much better coder and I would develop my coding skills on a much higher level. I spent so much time on solving "easy things"​, because I had nobody to help me out.
Vladimir VelickovicSAP Consultant at Atos IT Solutions and Services A/S

Want to know more?

.. here is something for readers ;)

How Does ABAP Academy Help?

.. and what it brings to you

in ABAP Academy
of people learning ABAP
to move forward

In today\'s digital world when we are flooded with tons of information, I see that it is not enough to offer just general training. ABAP Academy focuses on individual approach for each person. And based on my mentoring experiences, I have seen that there is no \'one-size-fits-all\' solution to everybody. 

When it comes to ABAP, it is really possible to become professional ABAP developer in the way that it opens up you door for future career growth, even if you are new to this topic.

Here’s the thing… When it comes to gaining ABAP skills, there are basically 7 possible bottlenecks that can hold you back or slow down from reaching the goal of getting to ABAP job or moving your development skills to senior level.

There are 4 types of people who are trying to learn ABAP. Each group tends to have a primary bottleneck, which is the #1 thing that is holding them back.

However the challenge is this: As a candidate who is trying to get deeply to ABAP; it’s sometimes difficult to have enough perspective to identify what that #1 bottleneck is and how to go over it so that you can move on as soon as possible.

Solving this problem for ABAP developers is what my team and I do all day and every day…

You are on the right place if ..

  • .. if you’ve struggled to find right source of information for your level…
  • .. if you’ve struggled to learn ABAP in the way to get you opportunity to get ABAP job position…
  • .. if you’ve struggled to get learning system, where you can practice what you learn…
  • .. if you’ve struggled to apply learned knowledge and use it in your own project…
  • .. if you’ve struggled to ..

.. then pay close attention, because there is a reason why. And the reason why is because as a self learner, when you’ve got plenty of different competing sources of information, it’s difficult to figure out, which one is for you and lead you to your final goal, which might be getting chance to get ABAP job position, or move your development skills to the senior level or just to understand the code in the level so that you can be more helpful to your support team. People tend to think that there are many things they need to learn and they don’t know what they should focus on first.

Simply said: It’s tough to get deeply to ABAP when you don’t see the big picture of what really are companies looking for when deciding whether to hire new ABAP developer or what they are really thinking when they say senior ABAP developer.

The challenge is this: When it comes to becoming professional ABAP developer in the way that it opens up you door for future career growth, I have realized that there is no one-size-fits-all approach ...

That’s the reason why ABAP Academy has developed new analysis toolkit that helps us to measure current level of our ABAP Academy students and then to gain ABAP skills step-by-step, starting right from their level. This analysis tool was built based on data from thousands of ABAP Academy students.

How It Works?

You will be asked several questions, which I would have asked you in person, and this helps me to realize what’s the best route for you to take and propose you the best solution for you specifically.

Now, that my practice has limited amount of time that I can spend on this, the only way to do more is to expand outside my geographic area and my private practice and begin helping people online. And that’s the reason why I’ve decided to make this analysis toolkit available to anybody for free.

What Should You Do?

So here’s what you need to do now: If you’re interested or even just curious, here’s what I recommend..
After finishing reading this, scroll down, click on the button which says \"Apply for Personal Analysis\", and then answer few easy questions, enter your name and email, and on the other side you’ll get an access to the content, walking you through your journey and prescribing you your #1 very next step, you need to take to move yourself forward. All in the matter of seconds from this very moment...

When to Take Action?

Of course NOW ;)

The only catch is this. Because this tool is typically something that I usually give access to my paid customers. I haven’t decided how much longer I’ll be making this tool available for free. So here’s what I recommend ..

Go ahead and do this now while you’re on this page and thinking about it. Simply click on the button below, answer the questions that pop up and I’ll see you on the other side and share your #1 very next step you need to take to move yourself forward, right after you get there.