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All You Need to TRY Before You Pay Any Money for ABAP Trainings

ABAP Academy offers FREE training called ABAP StarterKit Online Training. This FREE training is created for total beginners in ABAP. It is designed in the way to get you real ABAP skills, which can be directly used in practical life.

Not only information, not only knowledge, but SKILLS on the first place.

By signing to this challenge, you get early access to all instructions, skill oriented online learning materials and all the benefits of interaction with students and ABAP experts.

Programming in ABAP
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What do you get in FREE ABAP StarterKit Online Training?

Gain Practical Skills

You will code your own library of demo codes. At the end of the training you will implement final project all by yourself.

Feedback from ABAP Expert

Only students signed from this site, will get chance to get direct feedback from ABAP expert on their work.

Solve ABAP Issues

You will learn how to solve ABAP issues during implementation all by yourself, when you get stuck.

Fast Training

You will go through 3 hours of practical video content, where you will learn ABAP programming on your own.

Best Practices

You will get access to best practices from real life projects. You will learn good programming habits right from the beginning.

Learning Materials

Video tutorials explaining programming techniques in ABAP. Step by step explanations of what needs to be done to achieve programming goals.

Private Community

Access to private community of students in your level, where you can talk to each other and share your knowledge.

SAP System Access

You get instructions on how to install SAP system on your own computer.

Additional Materials

Along with programming video tutorials, you will get access to documents and code templates, which will make your life during programming, much easier.

Programming in ABAP

Who is this training for?

  • This FREE training is created for total beginners in ABAP and in SAP environment
  • This course is designed for newbies in SAP and ABAP, who want to learn ABAP by practicing
  • Programmers who already coded in different programming language
  • Technical consultants who want to get better technical understanding of SAP software
  • Training is not for students, looking for the pure theory training
  • Training is not for students who want to learn programming itself
  • Training is not for programmers who already have experiences in ABAP

What Skills will You Gain from this Training?

  • Real ABAP Programming Skills
  • Skills in solving ABAP issues all by yourself
  • Writing your code in Readable and Maintainable way
  • Taking Notes Effectively


ABAP Academy will process your personal information (email and name) only to send information related to ABAP StarterKit Online Training in accordance with applicable laws and privacy policies. You can withdraw your consent at any time or use the "Unsubscribe" link found within each email message. Find more information on how we treat your personal data.

Programming Lectures

  • Create First ABAP Program
  • Comments
  • Output data on the screen
  • ABAP Variable Declarations
  • Arithmetic Operations
  • Date and Time
  • Conditions – How to change flow of a program
  • Cycles – How to repeat certain blocks of code
  • String processing

Unique ABAP Academy Teaching Methodology

ABAP Academy learns its students to gain ABAP skills, that can be directly used in real ABAP projects. ABAP Academy achieves this using its Unique ABAP Academy Teaching Methodology.

What other students say about this training?

ABAP StarterKit Training is a great way to start with ABAP without any previous ABAP knowledge and/or skills. After enrolling in the course, I jumped into (for me) absolutely new programming environment, watched video materials, wrote down notes and tried my own short basic programs. When I got stuck or needed any tips, I asked Laco, the ABAP guru, questions and he was always very helpful what I found very encouraging. My motivation to take this course was to learn something new and widen my chances of starting a fresh new career and this course fulfilled my expectations. I am also very excited about upcoming advanced course.

Miloš ĎurovičStudent at Faculty of Electrotechnics and Informatics

It was a great opportunity to learn ABAP this way. This form of studying is innovative and definitely not boring like reading books. I felt motivated while going through lectures and I really enjoyed specific steps, how you reach my goals.

Gábor VassStudent at Faculty of Electrotechnics and Informatics

Who is your instructor in ABAP Academy?

I'm Ladislav Rydzyk, I spent years programming SAP software in ABAP programming language.

While programming and mentoring newcomers, I discovered how simple steps can be used as an powerful teaching strategy to skyrocket learning process for ABAP newbies and make them valuable members of any development team.

Now, I use this exact strategy in my trainings. Just check it out for FREE as well and join thousands of future ABAP developers and SAP Technical Consultants, gaining basic ABAP skills in ABAP Academy.

 Get to know me better, so that you can get better idea, if ABAP Academy is the right place for you.

"I had the privilege to work together with Ladislav on a complex project. He showed that he is very well organized (effort estimations and deadlines) and experienced ABAP developer with good communication skills. This combination makes him a very valuable team-member."

Peter AdamčekSAP ABAP Developer @Datavard, Ltd.

"Ladislav is very well organized and solution focused. Estimates well and delivers timely which is a "rare" strength to find in the SW development business."

Attila LaczaySAP Basis / Archiving Specialist @Datavard, Ltd.

"Ladislav is very good with planning and self organization. His responsibility for work belongs to the top of his skills. He is really goal oriented and as a team member, he leads also the others to a successful finish of projects. Talented with ABAP OOP coding and designing of solutions in SAP."

Peter KostúrSAP ABAP Developer @Datavard, Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the training start and finish?

ABAP Academy announces its FREE training once in the while, when enough of people register.
During this period of time, you will have access to all learning materials, to the community to students and to ABAP expert which can help you if you get stuck.

What will happen if I will not to be available in that time?

Training will contain video tutorials and written materials available for you online. So, if you will have access to the internet, you can learn wherever you will be. Since consulting your issues will be done online as well (Skype), there is no problem as well. If you will not have time during the whole period, don't worry. You will not have to reserve all the days anyway.

How much time should I reserve?

Let’s be honest, nobody knows. Average time of completion for other students was approximately 8 hours (3 hours of content + 3 hours of programming Help Programs Library + 2 hours to implement Final Project). In such case, you should reserve cca 1 hour per day and you should be done with the training in 8 days. Of course, it depends on many aspects, but at least you have an idea of complexity of the training.

How will the training proceed?

You will get access to learning materials (video tutorials and documents). You will study and then practice on your own. I will provide you contact information, where you can ask me questions related to what you will learn during this training, or consult your issues with me.

How long do I have access to the course?

For those, who really take the action and do what I tell them what to do, they will get lifetime access to the training. Why is that? Because, you will learn ABAP, only if you will do something for it. And I want you to succeed!