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Get Your Personal SAP System Access to Learn ABAP From Home Without Need of Installing a Thing ;-) ...

Why Michael Management?

Our coaching clients keep saying only good words about their SAP system services so we decided to promote them directly here for you.

  • Fast & High Quality Support
    When our clients had any specific requirements, their response time was very fast and they did whatever they could to deliver to clients their requirements. [Ex: One of our clients had to create authorization objects and roles where they did the customizing for him so that he could proceed testing]
  • Stable SAP Systems
    When we asked our coaching clients about how stable their systems are, we've never heard of any breakdown or a downtime, which was not a reality with other remote access providers.
Lately I had an interaction with Michael management. They were very helpful. They set up the a user profile and authorization object really quickly based on my document even if this is not really their job!
Chris M.SAP Techno-Functional Consultant