“Give Me Just 30 Minutes A Day For The Next 15 WorkDays And I Promise

You’ll understand structure of ABAP code!”

Here’s Why I Started The 15-Day 
“SAP/ABAP Challenge”...

Hi, my name is Lad Rydzyk. 
I’ve trained over 9,000 sales professionals, with over 34 Billion dollars in documented sales, in more than 151 countries.
I’ve been the go-to person when sales get tough for sales professionals and entrepreneurs for over a decade.
So when the world turned upside down at the start of 2020… my clients came to me in panic mode.
They found it difficult to get prospects on the phone... people stopped showing up for appointments… prospects became more skeptical and sales plummeted like a lead balloon.
But, they weren’t ready to give up just yet. So they looked to me for new ways to sell in troubled times.
I had a similar problem, but after experimenting with new sales strategies on my own sales team... I saw an immediate spike in sales.
When I implemented the same new methods in my client’s businesses... sales didn’t just improve -- they shot up beyond pre lockdown levels!
That’s when I knew I had to share these new selling strategies with sales professionals and business owners all over the world.

Ladislav Rydzyk - Head Instructor in ABAP Academy

Here’s exactly what you get

when you join me in the
15-day “SAP/ABAP Challenge”


Component #1

Project Based Materials in format of Video Coaching to Help You Build Your ABAP expertise

€ 500 value

WANT TO LEARN ABAP? Check out free ABAP StarterKit Online Training and gain real programming and administration skills in SAP.
How much time it takes to learn ABAP?


Component #2

ABAP Toolbox: 7 Copy&Paste Ready Code Templates, Guidelines Sheet Pros Use to Get Ahead

€ 200 value


Component #3

FB support group, whenever you got stuck you can ask for help guys who are going through the same struggles

€ 100 value


Component #4

Specification of project that you do by your own

€ 200 value


Component #5

Code Review Session with one of our 10y + experienced ABAP developers

€ 500 value

Plus, When You Register Today You Also Get these Incredible Fast-Start Sales Boosting Bonuses 

Worth $1,800.00

Implement the ideas and strategies in these bonuses and you could start making more sales before the 21-day “More Sales Challenge” even begins!

Here’s what you get:


Fully Pre-Installed SAP system

SAP System that you can use as your sandbox system for practicing.

(This system has every functionality that you need)

€ 149 value


Early Access Interview Hacking Process Training

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€ 200 value


Soft Skills - Communication

On the code review session, your mentor will provide you extra session about communication with your developers. He will share with you his experiences and what worked for him. So at the end, it can be directly beneficial and you can implement it in your job. 

In nutshell, you can also check what Ladislav is recommending to do in one of his blogs :)

€ 500 value


Quizz - What kind of developer you are? 

Code Review Session with one of our 10y + experienced ABAP developers

€ 500 value


Crucial 80 % 

Based on our Research we will share with you our know how. What are most being used ABAP principles nowadays.

€ 500 value


Algorithmisation Techniques

You will receive specifically designed materials that are going to help you understand algorithmization techniques so that you can get into a programming mindset even if you are not a programmer yet.

€ 500 value


30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Either you end up seeing huge value on how you are progressing, or you just send me a personal email to ladislav.rydzyk@abapacademy.com and I will make sure that we will send you all your money back.

€ 500 value

Are You In?

Here’s the thing: 
If you want more sales... and greater control over your future... you MUST increase your sales skills - it’s the only way.
Do nothing and your sales will stay the same (or decline).
When you look at it like that, doesn’t it make sense to invest just $97 to get more sales in the next 21 days?
Especially when just one more sale will cover the cost of the entire challenge.

There’s simply no better way to increase your sales than with the 21 day “More Sales Challenge” and all the bonuses listed on this page.

Register for the challenge today.




What do others say?

„It was a great opportunity to learn ABAP this way. This form of studying is innovative and definitely not boring like reading books. I felt motivated while going through the whole Training and I really value specific steps, how to reach my career goals!“
Marek Lukac, SlovakiaABAP Academy Graduate
From Non-Coder to SAP UI5 Developer
„This approach is the best way to realize if ABAP development is really something you want to invest your time in. Along with it, I gained fundamental ABAP coding skills fast, because learning in ABAP Academy is unique. I highly recommend it!“
Ladji Sidibe, South AfricaABAP Academy Graduate
"This is not a ‘good’ programming habits – it is an ‘awesome’ programming habit! Excellent advice. I like this lesson very much." - reaction to Module Good Programming Habits
Vladimir Velickovic, SerbiaSoftware Developer
"A great idea (Create a help programs Library). I think, the target of each one in this training is to know how to create a help programs Library by himself, it makes me organizer in my development program, and Enable to improve my program to optimize at any time."
Benamor Bentebba, AlgeriaSAP HR Technical Consultant
"This is a great program! I can’t believe how it looks good! I will dig into this and I am pumped to get some starting ABAP skills so I can enter the ABAP world. Thanks a lot for this great program ABAP Academy!"
Mladen Tomic, USA
"I also find a really good idea taking our own notes, it will be much easier later to access them, and they will stay in our own memory longer than any other e-file, just because we wrote them!"
Florin Kinez AxinteABAP Academy Graduate

Přehráním videa souhlasíte se zásadami ochrany osobních údajů YouTube.

Zjistit vícePovolit video

Přehráním videa souhlasíte se zásadami ochrany osobních údajů YouTube.

Zjistit vícePovolit video

Frequently asked questions

Are there any further hidden payments for licenses ..?

Absolutely NOT!
You will access to StarterKit Zone that includes Project Based Materials, Help Library Programs...

How much money do junior ABAP developers earn?

Well, it really depends on your geographical location. However the rule is the following. You will obviously earn much more in the US and EU, than anywhere else. This is the reason why countries like US, Germany, Switzerland and other strong economic countries move their development centres to different locations with lower income rate. That’s something we can’t do anything about it. This is how economics works. But here are some tips on how to come up with at least some approximate number of what your value will be on the market in your country: http://www.youworthapp.com/ (application gathering data from your LinkedIn profile and calculating your value on the market) http://www.payscale.com/ https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/Salaries/index.htm
You will also receive instructions how to "infinitely" prolong the license of this system.

Do I get certificate after the training, which I can put into my CV?

Even though I don’t believe in certificates, I believe in skills. Even though II understand the reason why they exist. So the answer is “Yes, you will receive the certificate after the training”, BUT you will receive it only when I see that you will be really able to implement project all by yourself, because then I see that you really mastered the topic.

I am really busy. I have full time job and family. Am I really going to make it and not get overwhelmed?

The course itself is being designed for people exactly like you are. It is created for people, who already master in some technical area and want to move to ABAP programming topic. Most often, such people have problem to do things, which they would really love to do. Just because they think, that once they master some area and earn well money from there, they would lose, if they move to different topic. The truth is, that you lose, if you don’t move forward, because your life is not only about earning money, but also about enjoying. And if you see that you would enjoy your life somewhere else, then I definitely encourage you to do so! But at the end, you will have to make strong decision to take your time and start learning. And for that, I will do my best to ramp up your professional skills as soon as possible to lead you to that direction.

Do I need SAP system?

Are You Ready to Get Access

to Your StarterKit Zone Today?

Let us help You improve Your confidence along the way to grow Your Career in ABAP.

I ended here

What Can You Find in ABAP Academy?

ABAP Development

The first and most important skill, that you are looking for is ABAP Development. It means knowing syntax and possibilities that you can or can not do in ABAP.

Unique Teaching Methodology

ABAP Academy uses its special Teaching Strategy that helps you gain ABAP skills for real life projects. Time of learning is shrinked as much as possible based on scientific research on "learning of adult brain".
.. and it's still evolving.

Individual Code Review Session

In order to make sure you know how to create professional code with all must-have aspects. So that once you will work on any of your future projects you will immediately know and understand how to properly write your programs.

NOT Good Choice For You If:

  • you expect knowledge comes to you without work
  • you want to learn pure theory
  • you have already strong foundation of ABAP coding (then go here here)
  • you don't have one hour a day 

Great Choice For You When:

  • you want to touch ABAP
  • you find out the way how to learn as fast as possible
  • you build your ABAP career from scratch
  • you are SAP consultant and want to gain ABAP coding skills
  • and much MUCH more...

ABAP StarterKit Training

is created for:

  • total beginners in ABAP and in SAP environment
  • newbies in SAP and ABAP, who want to learn ABAP by practising
  • functional consultants who want to get better technical understanding of SAP software
  • programmers who already coded in different programming language

Here’s exactly what you get

when you join me in the
15-day “SAP/ABAP Challenge”

Yes. But not in the way, that you watch the course and you expect to know everything.

This is action taking course. We are sure, that relevant skills you get only from sitting behind the computer and coding.

And this is how you will gain skills in this course: 

  • Learn How to Learn
    you will build the most important soft skill - taking great notes
  • Project Based Materials
    you will go through video materials with no need to watch them again
  • Implement Code
    after watching programming lecture, you go to the system and start implementing the same code side by side with your notes
  • Help Library Programs
    following previous step, you will create your own Help Library Programs that will be there for your future purposes  
  • Final Project All by Yourself
    At the end of the training, you will be challenged to implement final project all by yourself
  • Code Review Session
    when you will be done, you just send your code to us and schedule Code Review Session

..and You Get Feedback From 10y plus ABAP Guys