Master Project-Based Skills

in the Monthly ABAP Spirit Coaching Program


| Deliverables |

Here's exactly what you get when you join us in the monthly
"ABAP Spirit Coaching Program"

Component #1 

Project Based Materials 

- What does it mean? Let me tell you how we developed this program.

We put down together many 10y plus seniors from the real life projects from huge, mid-sized and small companies (from different part of the world). We were discussing with them what are the most being used programming concepts. 

Basically we put together the materials that are being widely used on the various projects these days. And It is still updating.

And you get access to a private online learning zone and every month we will release a new project-based ABAP materials focusing on specific topic. 


Component #2 

DIY project (one per Month)

- Each month, you'll go through the whole project life-cycle. You do the coding by yourself.

  • you get the specification and
  • you'll able to come up with your own solution,
  • implement the whole solution within SAP, 
  • test it properly 
  • deliver to customer. 

Basically, it mimics real life job experience. Then you will continue with Code Review Session (see component Number #5)


Component #3

Q&A session (one per month)

- in the middle of month, you can ask any question you have regarding ABAP materials or monthly project. 

Live session will be approximately 60 minutes long, you can ask live or upfront via Q&A forms. 


Component #4

Group Code Review Session (one per month)

- after succesful delivery of your project,

professional ABAP developer (ABAP Academy Mentor) will take a look on randomly chosen project. And do live Code Review Session (45-90 minutes) and share with you his thoughts what should be improved and how. 

- you'll get an access to a founder and top mentor of ABAP Academy, who already helped people like History graduate, taxi Driver, women during motherleave, psychologist, lawyer, fresh university graduates to get ready for an ABAP job 

Component #5

Coworking Session (one per month)

- if you need accountability this will help you to kill procrastination

- based on agreement of the group we arrange these session


Component #6

Access to the library of Recorded Q&A and Group Coaching Sessions (updated each month)

- even if you're in different time-zone or just don't have time to be present on live Q&A and Code Review Sessions. You'll get access to recordings 

Component #7

Printable Templates

-  code templates, help library programs, presentations, checklists, etc.


Plus, when you join within this week You also Get these Boosting Bonuses

Bonus #1

Guarantee of own local SAP system

- we will provide you the full support to istallation of SAP system. 


Bonus #2

After session (one per month)

- when questions arose later after Code Review Session.

- you still can reach your mentor again and he'll do short up to 20 minutes session to asnwer your questions


Bonus #3

Algorithmization Techniques

You will receive specifically designed materials that are going to help you understand algorithmization techniques so that you can get into a programming mindset even if you are not a programmer yet.