FAQ - Roadmap

What does each category mean?

Are you someone who never coded before, rarely heard of SAP, but you still want to get into ABAP anyway? In fact, we have helped ABAP Academy graduates who were able to achieve this!

If you have already coded in any other programming language like Java, C, C#, PHP, .. you have a big advantage, because you just need to learn new syntax and principles in ABAP programming. Ready to dive in?

Are you somebody who works with SAP either as functional person who understands business processes in specific SAP module, or working with SAP in some manner (e.g. support, etc.)? If you are looking for the way on how to upskill to ABAP, you are on the good place.

Great! So you say, that you have already coded in ABAP and most probably you are looking for ways on how to improve and move your skills to senior level. Is that right?

Welcome! If you are looking for ways to build your great development team, which creates professional, optimized & supportable software, please let us know and we will get back to you very soon.